“Open Your Mind To The Possibilities”

“Open Your Mind To The Possibilities”

by Linda-Ann Stewart

Shortly after I opened my hypnotherapy office, I was discouraged by the lack of clients. I believed it was caused by too many hypnotherapists available to service our area. This led to feeling that there just weren’t enough potential clients interested in utilizing hypnotherapy to support us all.

One day, I realized how limiting those thoughts were, and that my experience was just validating them. It was a self-fulfilling prophecy. I changed my thoughts to “There are plenty of people in this area who want hypnotherapy to make a positive change.” I didn’t affirm that they found me. I simply changed my thoughts to encompass a larger pool of clientele than I formerly believed.

Sometimes, your underlying beliefs are restricting the flow of good into your life, and you’re not even aware of it. It’s like the old saying, “You can’t see the forest for the trees.” Those attitudes are just below the surface of your consciousness, and shade your thoughts, keeping them out of the sunlight.

You may not even realize what your opinion is, but it’s closed you off from any potential of improvement. All you notice is the individual trees (conscious thoughts or the feelings they create), but don’t see they’re part of a bigger picture (the forest) that’s just underneath your awareness.

And that forest of beliefs has closed the door to opportunities. You’re using the Law of Attraction, but instead of attracting your good, you’re actually repelling it.

“Energy flows where attention goes.” Focusing on the lack of potential will channel your subconscious resources to create more of what is already absent. When you change your focus from what is lacking to what is possible, you’re engaging your subconscious to look for and attract opportunities.

Sometimes, to fling open those doors, you need to look at the situation in a new way. For instance, the economic climate may be difficult, with 10% unemployed. But when you consider that means that 90% are still employed, it lifts some of the mental heaviness from the first statistic. Instead of believing that no one has money to spend, believe that many people still have disposable income.

In our recession, jobs may be hard to find. Positions may not be as abundant as in the past, but work is still available. Imagine that what you’re seeking is seeking you, and it shifts your energy and your viewpoint, opening up to potentially finding employment.

Pay attention to what is scrolling across the marquee of your mind. Is it fear, doubt and anxiety? Set aside the negatives your conscious mind wants to dwell on. They close down your energy, making it impossible to consider greater possibilities. You don’t have to eliminate those thoughts right now, just put them on the shelf.

Then mentally explore what good could be available to you. At this point, you don’t have to claim it, just crack the door open. Trying to affirm something better, when you’re in the midst of a mess, can cause your conscious mind to undermine your affirmation. Simply considering what could be possible opens the door a crack, to allow the toe of opportunity to wiggle its way in.

Within a couple of months after I made the mental change that there were plenty of potential clients, and doing very little else, my practice had tripled. This has happened to me over and over again, as I track down my own limiting thoughts in all areas of my life. When I change them, not even to what I want, but to simply consider the possibility of improvement, it’s amazing what has transpired.

I become aware of the negative, self-defeating statements that I’m telling myself. They are simply beliefs, and beliefs can be changed. When they come into my mind, I set them aside to consider the possibility of some greater good that could happen in the situation. I simply raise my level of awareness to encompass something better that could happen. In so doing, I’m instructing my subconscious mind to find new opportunities to flow into my life.

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