My Goal – “That Was Easy”

My Goal – “That Was Easy”

This year, my goal is to allow things to flow easily, rather than struggling to get things done, and having distractions and obstructions slowing me down. I’ve been looking for some sort of object that would help me keep that idea in front of my mind.

On Valentine’s Day, one of the presents my honey got me was an “Easy” button that was a promotional product from a popular office supply store. “Easy” is written in white letters on a red background, and when you push the button, a man’s voice blasts, “That was easy.”

The instructions say to think of a challenging situation, press the button, smile and get on with your day. Talk about positive thinking and visualizing! And that’s exactly what I’m using it for. It’s right beside my computer, and whenever I’m going to dive into something, I’m going to visualize it completed, push the button and imagine that’s what I’m saying at the end of my project.

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