“Which is better, single or multiple sentence affirmations?”

“Which is better, single or multiple sentence affirmations?”

Question: When focusing on a particular goal, is it better to use a single sentence affirmation or several (four to six) sentences?

Answer: There are conflicting opinions on whether it is better to use a one sentence affirmation or several sentences. My experience is that the best way is to have a several sentence affirmation that you say a couple of times a day, along with a single sentence affirmation that reinforces the long affirmation. You can use the single sentence as a type of mantra during the day.

For myself, if I’m working on a particularly difficult issue, I’ll write a long affirmation that might be up to two pages long. It will include all of the issues around the difficulty, and include a single sentence that really impresses me as incorporating the essence of the affirmation. I’ll read the long affirmation out loud a couple of times a day, and then repeat a shorter version several times a day. I’ve made some incredible breakthroughs with this technique, which derives from my experience as a hypnotherapist.

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