“Money Is Power” – Not

“Money Is Power” – Not

by Linda-Ann Stewart

Over the years, I’ve heard a lot of attitudes about money that block prosperity. For instance, “Money doesn’t grow on trees,” “(The love of) money is the root of all evil,” “Wealthy people are greedy,” and so forth. For the person who holds an idea like this, they will restrict their abundance because they have to be congruent with their beliefs. They may want to be more prosperous, but they can’t violate their deeply held negative belief about it, or become like a person whose values they revile.

I heard another restrictive idea recently. An artist was being interviewed, and he said that “Money is power,” and since he didn’t want power, he would only make as much as he needed to live on.

Money isn’t power. It’s an agreed upon system that exchanges products or services for other products or services, like groceries, housing, clothing, etc. Money is simply a tool, it does what we tell it to do. If we tell it to pay our bills, it does. It can’t do it without our direction. Like a hammer, it can tear down a house or build one.

The power that people attribute to money actually comes from the intention and the character of the person holding it. If their intention is to have control over others, they’ll find a way to do that even if they’re poverty stricken. Mother Teresa had power, and she was poor. So money itself has no power of its own. Money is simply a means to an end, and the purpose for it is up to you.

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