Nov 202009

Oak Creek Canyon - above Indian Gardens

Recently, Jeff and I drove up Oak Creek Canyon, near Sedona, AZ, to enjoy the fall foliage. We walked by Oak Creek and had a picnic in the Encinoso picnic area. It was a peaceful day.

Jeff Colburn

Many years ago, I won regional and state awards with my photography, using a 35mm film camera. On our outing, I used a little “point and shoot” digital camera, as Jeff calls them. I wanted to get familiar with it, so I could take it to meetings and events to photograph people and displays.

Oak Creek

Everytime I wanted to take a picture with the little camera, I automatically put the camera up to my eye (like I would with my film camera), then remembered I had to hold it out to¬† look at a digital screen. I’m sure anyone watching me must have thought I was nuts as I went through this procedure multiple times. But even with this handicap, I was relatively pleased with the photos I took.

Oak Creek Canyon - above Indian Gardens

  2 Responses to “An Autumn Day in Oak Creek Canyon”

  1. Thanks for those pictures of Oak Creek Canyon. Sedona is one of my favorite places, and sadly I have not visited there in more than a year. We always go to Red Rock Crossing to watch the creek there, do some journaling, and maybe dip our feet in the stream.

    — Jim

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