Nov 102009

Butterflies for ClovisI just received notification that a friend of mine has passed away. I met Clovia Van Dyke when she was my mother’s roommate during my mom’s last months in the nursing home in West Phoenix. Clovia was my mom’s guardian angel, watching over her when I couldn’t be there. When my mom got agitated, Clovia recognized it was a signal that my mom was in pain and would call the nurse for her.

Clovia was morbidly obese, and as a result, was on a ventilator. Even though she needed help to move, she kept herself productive and busy. No matter how difficult or how much pain she was in, she was always able to be creative. She loved crocheting beautiful afghans, doing needlework and making beaded jewelry. She was kind, mischievous and had a great sense of humor. Clovia was an inspiration.

Jeff and I visited her early last month (we visited about once a month when we were in Phoenix) and found that she wasn’t doing well at all. So learning that she died the next week was saddening but it wasn’t a surprise. She will always have a special place in my heart and I will miss her.

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