Why do I think negatively when I affirm?

Why do I think negatively when I affirm?

Question: Why is it that when I use an affirmation, I begin thinking negatively about what the affirmation says?

Answer: Generally, that’s old thought patterns resurfacing. The subconscious doesn’t particularly like change. Its function is to help you, and it figures that things are okay the way they are. As long as you have any fears or anxieties about your desire, the inner mind will try to drag you back into your past behaviors. It sees the new ideas as threatening your safety. So all the most negative things you can think of will come up to persuade you to give up.

The other thing that could be happening is that you’re stirring up outdated beliefs that are floating up to your conscious mind. These might be ideas you’ve been acting on without realizing it. In this case, just understand that they’re coming to the surface to be recognized, and they have no validity. They aren’t the truth about you.

In both cases, if you truly want what your affirmation states, you have to be very committed to the process. The subconscious mind responds to the strongest thought. Whenever a negative thought talks back to the affirmation, acknowledge it without trying to make it go away. That takes away its power. Remind yourself that it’s old programming, and isn’t valid now. Then state the affirmation again. Remember, energy flows where your attention goes. As long as your focus remains on your desire, no matter what comes up, the power of the Universe comes in to manifest it.

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