Jul 162009

Question: How can I learn to concentrate better, so that my mind doesn’t wander?

Answer: Do you have a lot of pressure on you? Have you had a lot of stress? These would cause your mind to wander as a
way of escaping and having a mental vacation. Have you been doing any meditation, exercise, or any sort of stress
reduction techniques? That would be my first recommendation to you.

Secondly, sometimes, the mind gets tired of focusing, and needs some time away from it. Concentrating on one thing for
a long period is exhausting, so if you’ve been doing that, start breaking the periods up.

I’d also suggest you download the instructions on how to do self-hypnosis from my site. Start practicing self-hypnosis, and imagine that you’re somewhere pleasant, such as a vacation spot, where no one can bother you.

This sounds odd, but simply doing meditation or self-hypnosis each day will give your mind a rest, while at the same time, they help to train your mind to concentrate better.

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