Can I Affirm To Attract A Particular Person?

Can I Affirm To Attract A Particular Person?

Question: Can I affirm for a particular person, job, or residence to come into my life?

Answer: It’s not a good idea to affirm for a specific thing. When you do, you actually get in the way of your own good. Who
knows? There may be something better than you could envision waiting for you to recognize it. But if you’re keeping your
vision on a specific item, the better one can’t come into your experience.

If you decide that you want a particular person, place or job, you might also be interfering with another person’s karma. If
you dictate to the Universe that you want “that one,” it might actually have been better for someone else have it. And there would have been a much greater good for you.

Interfering with another’s free choice, or their karma, isn’t pretty. If that happens, and you take someone’s choice away from them, you’ll reap the consequences eventually. I knew someone who affirmed to buy a specific car. They got the car, but they also got all the problems the car had that they didn’t know about. They regretted their decision very quickly.

In spiritual circles, it’s called “outlining” when you try to tell the Universe “how” or “who” your good has to be. And when you outline how it has to happen, you get in the way of the Power. It’s not up to you to determine “how” something will manifest. That’s the job for the Infinite, and your creative mind. They know what would suit you best.

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