Jun 042009

Being Human & Loving Life From the Wise Counsel of Plants, Animals, Insects & Earth
By Maia Kincaid, Ph.D.

I freely admit that I’m a dog lover and have had pets (companions) for most of my life. I’ve both enjoyed and been frustrated by their antics. And as I’ve had some mental communication with them, it was with great interest that I read this book. The author, Maia Kincaid, is an animal communicator, and she describes some of the mental conversations that she’s had with clients’ pets, wild animals, insects and even plants.

Reading this book, I was fascinated to see how our animal friends view us, and how strongly they have their own agendas in their interactions with us. From why a cat ran away, to horses choosing their new owners, to a rose giving sage advice about love, this book showed that when we heed the world around us, we can understand so much more.

I was especially intrigued with the chapter about a dog who was taking on the stress of his owner and allowing it to affect his health. This reminded me of a friend whose beloved dog reflected all of her (rather rare) physical ailments. The dialogue with the animal in this chapter was enlightening, explaining how our animal companions seek to aid us.

We are truly connected with all things. Maia has a unique gift to be able to translate the messages from other beings and use it to benefit us all. This book is a rich tapestry of insight, inspiration and revelation about the life around us and how we are all intertwined.

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