“Tips To Achieve Your Goal In Divine Time”

“Tips To Achieve Your Goal In Divine Time”

by Linda-Ann Stewart

I tend to be chronically early to any kind of appointment, because I feel it’s inconsiderate to be late. However, my mother usually ran late when we were going anywhere. I’d be impatient, and she’d affirm, “We’re always in Divine Time,” which would annoy me. What especially irritated me was that she was invariably right. No matter where we were going, even if we arrived fifteen or twenty minutes late, they were running late, too. After seeing how well it worked for her, I began using that statement for other areas of my life. A wise woman, my mother.

Divine Time means that things will work out in the Universe’s Timing, which may not necessarily be the time that you want it to be. For instance, if a goal that you’ve been working on hasn’t appeared, the time might not be right for it yet. Something else may need to happen before it can manifest so that everything can come together in a better way than you can imagine.

The worst thing you can do is to try to force it to happen. Another of my mother’s favorite sayings was, “You can’t push the river.” The flow of the Universe can’t be compelled to move quicker. In fact, when you try to, you’ll actually cause your desire to be delayed. The more you try to force it, the less you’re trusting that it will manifest quickly, which just sets up a resistance.

When you get impatient at the delay, it’s like digging up seeds that you’ve planted to see if they’re growing. Every time you dig them up, you interrupt their natural cycle of growth. You have to replant them and let them be to do what they need to.

Here are some reasons why your goal may not be manifesting and ways to set your life clock to Divine Time.

1. The goal may not be for your highest good.
Have you decided on a specific “how” or “who” to fulfill your desire? If that’s the case, then you’ve interfered with the Universe’s process. When you try to impose your idea of a particular person who you think will be best for you, or the way things should work out, then you’re trying to control the outcome. Take a step back into neutrality and let the Infinite take care of the details.

2. Something may have to happen behind the scenes.
There are other elements that may have to be put in place or align for you. Simply keep your eye on your goal and know that everything is in Divine Order. Remember that the seeds that you’ve planted need to sprout and grow roots before you can see the sprigs above ground.

3. The environment isn’t ready.
You may need to create more of a foundation either internally or externally for your goal. Have you done everything in the material world and set everything in place for your manifestation? Opportunity favors the prepared. Or is there some belief or attitude that’s blocking it? Are you mentally and emotionally ready for it?

4. You may have some internal work to do.
Is there something that you need to release or accept for the next step to unfold? You may need to let go of some outdated idea of struggle, worthlessness, or deprivation. Do you believe that you can have your desire? It’s also possible that you simply need to visualize the goal in greater detail and immediacy. If you don’t keep the image of your goal fresh in your mind as an accomplished fact, then it could always stay in the future.

Recently, I was ordering some brochures to take with me to a speaking engagement. When I checked the printer’s shipping schedule, it looked like they may not arrive in time. I began affirming that “Everything is taking place in Divine Time.” As I completed the ordering process, I discovered that I’d receive them a couple of weeks earlier than they’d originally predicted. Mentally, I thanked my mom for the lesson of that affirmation.


I can have anything I desire through the power of the Universe. Since I can believe it, I can experience it. My goal is in Mind, and everything is taking place in Divine Order to make it manifest in my life. I create a firm foundation in my mind to accept it, and in the physical world to welcome it. I let the Universe take care of the details. It takes place in Divine Time, which is perfect timing for me.

Copyright 2009 Linda-Ann Stewart
All Rights Reserved

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