Jan 152009

“Words and affirmations simply give shape to thought; they are not creative. Feeling is creative and the more feeling that is put into the word the greater power it will have over conditions. In doing this we think of the condition only as an effect, something that follows what we think. It cannot help following our thought. This is the way that all creation comes into expression.”

From Creative Mind and Success
by Ernest Holmes

I love this quote. It symbolizes the essence of how the mind works. We believe that our words are creative, but it’s the emotion that we put behind them that powers them. And it doesn’t matter if the emotion is a positive or negative one, it’s all energy as far as the subconscious knows.

Affirmations don’t by themselves create, either. They simply focus our thought to give a conduit for Universal energy to flow into and create a condition. Our emotion fills them with the power to impress the subconscious to allow the energy to fill them.

And conditions are nothing but effects of our former thoughts filled with past feelings. Once we realize that we created the conditions, and that they are outdated thought forms, then we can change our mind about them and create something better. For me, this quote is incredibly empowering.

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