Dec 132008

Jeff and I spent a Saturday in November hiking around Jerome, the “Largest Ghost Town In Arizona,” a few miles from where we live. Jerome is a fun artist’s community, full of quirky shops and restaurants. Although I’d just celebrated my 26th anniversary to moving to Sedona and Arizona, I’d never explored Jerome’s back streets on foot.

On our hike, we found roads I didn’t know existed, picturesque fallen down houses, and places I’d only seen from afar. Jerome is built on a steep hill. A street will pass just behind the third floor of a house, and will curve back around to pass in front of the first floor. We only had time to wander through about a third of the town, and look forward to spending more time there to explore the rest.

Linda-Ann and Jeff in Jerome, AZ

Jeff and I on a street in Jerome. In the distance, beyond Jeff’s left shoulder, you can see the red cliffs of Sedona. If you look beside my right shoulder, that dark area is the peak of the roof of the house that’s in the photo below. We walked by the front of the house, and are on the street behind and above it.

House in Jerome, AZ

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