“Keep The Momentum Going”

“Keep The Momentum Going”

by Linda-Ann Stewart

Many years ago, I used affirmations to increase my business revenue. Within a few weeks, I would have more business than I could handle, and would stop doing the affirmations. I figured that, since things were rolling, I didn’t have to keep up the practice of saying them. Within a couple of months, clients had dwindled and so had my income. I would start saying affirmations again, and once again things would improve. Again, I’d cease my affirmations. By experimenting, I found that as long as I continued saying affirmations, my business would flourish. When I stopped, so did the flow of my business.

I made the same mistake that most people make. Once things begin to improve and I felt that I was over the hump, I thought, “I’ve got this licked and don’t have to do any more.” I felt that I’d permanently improved my prosperity consciousness and didn’t have to work on it any more. That’s not the case. Even after I began to manifest, I had to continue to say positive affirmations.

Once you begin to manifest what you’re affirming, you can’t coast. You have to keep up your affirmations and actions. Just like you have to keep putting gas in the car. The first time you fill up, let’s say you have to put twelve gallons in. If you drive until you let it run out of gas, then you find yourself stranded on the road. But if you keep an eye on the gas gauge, and fill it up whenever it gets only half empty, not only will you have to put in less and take less time doing it, but you’ll always have enough fuel to get you where you want to go.

Most people get impatient with the time it takes to turn around a negative frame of mind. Until your subconscious accepts your goal and begins to manifest it, you have to be consistent with your positive feedback. It’s normal to want things to change immediately, but consider how long you’ve been dealing with the old ideas.

If you’re speeding down the road at 60 miles an hour, would you consider it reasonable to do a U-Turn at that speed? A stunt man couldn’t even do it without using the brakes. If he tried, he would wind up rolling the car. No matter what, you have to slow down, then maneuver the car around to go in the opposite direction.

Every day, you receive both positive and negative messages about you, your job, your relationships, etc. Even if you’re in a positive frame of mind, if you don’t counteract the negative messages, they’ll begin to wear you down. Wealthy people are constantly giving themselves prosperous messages. People with high self-esteem are always reinforcing their sense of worth. If you stop giving yourself positive feedback, then the negative ideas will begin to creep into your consciousness and soon you’ll find yourself on a downward spiral.

Nowadays, I know to use affirmations daily to keep my business flourishing. I need to keep my mental fuel tank filled with positive beliefs about the constant flow of energy. If I forget and stop them for a while, it can take a few days, or a couple of weeks, for things to get moving again. But because of my inadvertent trial and error, I know that they will begin to manifest.

Affirmations are a powerful way to make improvements in my life. Positive statements give my subconscious direction and remind me that I’m worthy of receiving all the good I desire. Through the power of the Universe and the creativity of my inner mind, I can achieve anything I choose. Once my life has begun to change, I keep my momentum going by continuing to focus on my objective and continuing to repeat positive statements.

Copyright 2008 Linda Ann Stewart
All Rights Reserved

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