“Secrets Of Manifestation”

“Secrets Of Manifestation”

by Linda-Ann Stewart

Over the years, I’ve experimented with different techniques to manifest prosperity. Imagining the amount I want each month doesn’t work very well for me. Since I’m self-employed, I had to keep a running total in my mind. Writing the amount in an affirmation several times each day also wasn’t sucessful. Stating general affirmations of abundance out loud worked the best, until I discovered an additional visualization that supported my goal. I would imagine a specific amount in my check register by a certain day, generally the last day of the month. It would be a figure that was a little more than I could believe I could manifest. When I remember to keep that number in mind, I generally achieve it.

The second week of last month, there hadn’t been much financial flow. I realized I needed to do some goal-setting to get things moving, and I chose a sum I wanted in the bank by the end of the month. It would be a bit of a stretch, but I believed I could accomplish. As the month progressed, money started to stream into my coffers. I sold a piece of furniture that helped somewhat, too. With the appointments I had and other channels, it looked like I was going to easily make it. But then some appointments got re-scheduled or the person couldn’t make it this month. So it looked like I was going to miss my goal by a good bit.

As I was balancing my checkbook, I realized that the bank said I had more money in my account than I thought I had. When I checked all the debits and credits, I found a deposit I had forgotten to enter. That, along with what I knew was coming in, brought me almost to my goal. Although I didn’t consciously know about the extra amount, the Universe and my subconscious did. I was delighted to come so close. Then, two days before the end of the month, I received some unexpected money. When I deposited it, my account had what I had envisioned with twenty-five cents to spare.

There are a lot of techniques that can help convince your conscious and subconscious to manifest what you want.

  • Write down an affirmation with the amount of income you want each month.
  • Keep it in your mind and read your affirmation every day.
  • You can write your goal ten or more times each day.
  • Creating a treasure map, prayer wheel or wheel of fortune.
  • Saying or writing affirmations, chanting, imagining that your goal has been achieved as you’re going to sleep each night
  • Writing a letter to a friend or supernatural being from some months in the future as if the goal had happened.

And many more exercises expand your mind to accept more.

One secret is to choose something close to what you can believe you can achieve. If it’s too much, or you’re choosing something way outside of your comfort zone, like winning the lottery, your subconscious will not even try. It knows that you’re just reaching for the stars. Your goal needs to be close to what you can believe, but you can also choose an amount just beyond your reach to stretch your mind.

Another key is trusting the Universe, and your subconscious mind, to manifest your goal. The Infinite wants you to have it, or else you wouldn’t have been inspired to conceive it. Even though you may not have any idea where the money, job, or desire is going to come from, your subconscious mind does. You still have to take any action that you know to take, but it’s not up to your conscious mind to figure out how to manifest. That’s the responsibility of the Universe and your subconscious.

There’s not a one-size-fits-all technique or magic tool. What works for some, may not work for you. And what has worked in the past may not work in the present. So experiment to find what convinces your mind that you can be and have more. Keep your mind focused on what you want. One thing I have learned is that, if I can believe it, I can have anything I desire. So can you.


My subconscious mind can create anything I desire through the power of my Higher Mind. I may not know how this can manifest, but the Universe and my subconscious mind know how. I know that my desire exists in Universal Mind. I keep my mind focused on my desire and let my creative mind handle the details of manifestation. All that I need is provided in an harmonious way. I now trust that my desire is being fulfilled in Divine Order.

Copyright 2008 Linda Ann Stewart
All Rights Reserved

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