Apr 082008

In a study published September 2007 in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute, women who underwent hypnosis before their surgery for breast cancer experienced less pain, fatigue and nausea afterwards. A hypnosis session of only fifteen minutes long resulted in these improvements. Not only that, but the cost of the surgery was less because these women spent less time in the operating room.

From my experience with clients, hypnosis can also significantly decrease healing time. Some clients I’ve worked with have healed much, much faster than expected. Not to mention the reduction of discomfort, pain, anxiety, and fear they feel. Because of all this, I would recommend hypnosis for anyone who plans to undergo surgery.

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  8. Can hypnosis help in anxiety attacks and depression ?;;-

  9. Hi Cooper,

    Hypnosis can help anxiety attacks and depression in a variety of ways. The relaxation itself helps to calm the nervous system and reduce anxiety naturally. Using visualization of a safe place also gives the message to the brain that you’re safe, and thus reduces anxiety. To help depression, the relaxation of hypnosis and programming in positive ideas relieves the downward spiral of mood. This and many other self-hypnotic techniques can help these two difficult situations.

  10. I’ve been into hypnosis from a layman’s perspective for a few years. Studying mind control, influencing people, and combining it to become a better salesman is my personal goal.

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