Time To Make Fun A Priority

Time To Make Fun A Priority

Recently, Jeff and I set aside a day for fun in nearby Prescott, AZ. It’s a mile-high town in the mountains that offers more services, events and shopping than our local valley.

First, we went to see “Rise of the Guardians,” a wonderful animated movie about the Earth guardians of St. Nick, the Easter Bunny, the Tooth Fairy, and the Sandman. Jack Frost is added to the guardians in response to a threat from the Boogey Man, who thrives on fear. The Guardians must protect children from losing faith, or else fear takes over.

It’s a great metaphor for what we all deal with – belief and fear. During a climax, a child in the audience said, “No.” It showed how enthralling the action was. At the end of the movie, people applauded, which I don’t hear very often after a motion picture.

After the movie, we went to see the world’s largest Gingerbread Village at Prescott Resort and Conference Center.

There were over 100 gingerbread houses, castles, buildings and even an amusement park.

Local individuals, schools and businesses create these structures for this display.

From there we did some shopping. Then, after dark, we drove through the Valley of Lights display.

These are millions of lights in over 30 static and animated displays of the 12 Days of Christmas, candles, poinsettias, Santa, elves, the outline of an old west town, and many more.

We had a full day. It reinforced the idea that every so often, we need to take a day off to just have fun. If we don’t, our creativity dries up and we tend to feel stuck. It’s just as important to take time away from work as it is to be productive.

When we step away and change the rhythm, we fill the well of our resources, creativity and energy. We need to remember that, and make it a priority in the year to come.

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