How long does it take to change?

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Jul 152016

Question MarkQuestion: Is it true that we can achieve anything with alpha level, and if so, how long does it take and how does it work?

Answer: We can achieve just about anything by accessing and using the alpha level, which is where we go in meditation, self-hypnosis, daydreaming or as we’re drifting off to sleep. This is simply a state where we are more inwardly focused on some idea. Everything you’ve already achieved, or not, all of your habits, the ways you feel about yourself and your world, have been programmed in by way of the alpha level.

Just think of your beliefs and expectations about your world. You can change them when you’re in the alpha level, and your world will then change. But understand, the only person you can change is yourself. You can’t change or affect other people by using the alpha level. You can change the way you feel about yourself, and with greater self-worth, insist on more respect and better treatment. But it has to begin with you.

The changes can begin immediately, but usually it takes a few weeks to notice a significant improvement. That’s because you’ve been on this old track for a long time, and it takes a period of time and energy to turn it around. The subconscious has to know that you’re serious about the change, so you’ll have to spend some time convincing it. You’d do that by focusing on the change in the alpha state, making sure that you don’t deny or doubt it during your daily life, and taking any action to bring it about.

Don’t confuse the subconscious by focusing on the change in the alpha state, then wonder if it’s going to happen, or dwell on the opposite. The more you’re able to bring your whole being into line with your desire, the faster it will occur, sometimes overnight.

~ Linda-Ann Stewart

Trending Articles of the Week

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Apr 062016

Prescott, AZ - Watson Lake and Granite DellsThe simple way to boost health you may have overlooked
Happiness and small acts of gratitude are helping communities create innovative public health solutions, according to U.S. Surgeon General Vivek Murthy, MD. He noted that happiness comes from a sense of “long-term emotional well-being that comes from fulfillment, purpose, connectedness and love.” Happy people are healthier people. Learn how people can actually “create happiness” through various exercises and lifestyle choices.

How Safe is Hypnosis?
Recent news has people talking about the practice and its safety and effectiveness. Unfortunately, this has perpetuated some of the myths about hypnosis. Hypnosis is really self-hypnosis, whether a person is led into it or leads themselves. It’s a safe process that we use every day and it’s helpful in many situations.

How to Train Your Brain for High Performance
Everybody sees the world through the lenses of three sets of beliefs. Using questions to harness your three mindsets can channel all three levels so you can perform at a higher level. Check out the worksheet of questions so you can be more effective in your personal and professional lives.

~ Linda-Ann Stewart

Psycho-Cybernetics: Lessons 6-12

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Nov 112015

The book, Psycho-Cybernetics, was groundbreaking and was a revelation to me when I read it. In this 9 minute video, author Dr. Maxwell Maltz is interviewed and describes lessons 6-12 of how to improve your self-image. Beliefs become habits, which are just self-hypnosis. He touches on the different habits that you have, the success and failure mechanism within you, and how to create changes that support your self-image and success.

~ Linda-Ann Stewart

Is there a problem if I go to sleep while I’m hypnotized?

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Apr 232015

Listening In ReclinerQuestion: Is there a problem if I go to sleep while I’m hypnotized? In other words, if I go to sleep while I’m hypnotized, will I wake up?

Answer: Hypnosis is a natural state of awareness, and is simply a description of a process we use to communicate with the subconscious mind. When a person goes into a light stage of hypnosis, they’re in the same state that they’re in when they’re daydreaming, focused on a project, praying or watching television. Everybody goes through this stage of awareness as they’re going to sleep.

The activity of the mind has started to slow down, and their subconscious mind is more amenable to suggestion. A person in hypnosis may descend into a deeper level where they’re not aware of their outer circumstances, even though their subconscious is still responsive. This is a drowsy state, where sounds fade away.

Below this state is deep sleep. If a person “falls asleep” when they’re in a deep level of hypnosis, they’ll just awaken naturally when their body has been rested.

~ Linda-Ann Stewart

How do I go deeper into meditation or self-hypnosis?

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Sep 032014

Question: How do I get into a deeper state of meditation or self-hypnosis?

Answer: I suggest that you use the deepening technique from my “Steps for Self-Hypnosis” to help you go deeper. You can download the .pdf by clicking on Steps for Self-Hypnosis.

Essentially, it’s a combination of imagery and a suggestion. You imagine going down steps, an elevator, an escalator, a tunnel, or whatever suits you, and count down from 10 to 1, telling yourself, “I’m going deeper and deeper.”

You could count down from 10 to 1 twice, or start from 20 and count down to 1. The imagery, along with the suggestion, helps to access deeper levels of the subconscious mind.

When I meditate and use the countdown technique, I go deeper into the meditative state than I would without it.

What you are doing is training yourself. Each time you practice, you’re going deeper. My clients may be very aware of my voice the first time they see me. But by practicing with the tape of their session, within a couple of weeks, many of them generally go so deep that they’re don’t hear the session, but come out at the end of it when I suggest that they do.

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As a speaker, personal and professional development coach and hypnotherapist, Linda-Ann Stewart empowers business and professional women who are stuck, immobilized or overwhelmed get focused, prioritize and break through so they generate more business and create consistent income. If you’d like some help to reach your goals, email her at with “Complimentary Consultation” in the subject line.

Using self-hypnosis to eliminate specific thoughts

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Feb 192014

Question: How do I use self-hypnosis to eliminate specific negative thoughts?

Answer: A person is always hypnotizing themselves with various beliefs and thoughts. For instance, “I’m a klutz” will be a self-fulfilling prophecy. Self-hypnosis helps to re-focus the attention onto something that you want.

To eliminate specific negative thoughts, I’d suggest that every time you have that particular thought, say ‘stop’ and imagine a stop sign, then substitute a pleasant thought or positive idea.

Practicing this in self-hypnosis will begin to make the changes, then reinforcing it during the day every time you have those thoughts will help to change them.

Hypnosis isn’t magic, but it can make positive changes fairly quickly, if you’re truly committed and persistent in following through.

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Guided Visualization or Affirmations?

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Feb 042014

Question: What’s the main advantage of self hypnosis and guided visualization over affirmations?

Answer: Affirmations and suggestions are essentially the same thing. They’re both statements designed to change old mental patterns in your subconscious mind. The advantage of self-hypnosis is that you’re in a state that is more receptive to the positive statements you’re affirming.

When you add visualization to self-hypnosis and affirmations, it helps to give the subconscious more information on what you want and helps to make it real for you. The subconscious cannot tell the difference between a strong image and reality.

But the real power behind any re-programming is feeling. If you can FEEL it to be true, the subconscious mind accepts that and creates it. That also is the main reason for visualization. It’s a mental rehearsal that gives the subconscious a pattern to follow in those situations.

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Guided Meditation to Discover Clarity

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Oct 162013

If you keep saying that you’re confused, you’re blocking any possibility of discovering your direction. When you imagine that you know what to do, you open to the wise part of you that knows. Here’s a guided meditation to engage your imagination to access that wise part to help you find your direction.

~ Linda-Ann Stewart

What is a mantra, how do you use an affirmation?

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Apr 172013

Question: What is a mantra, how long is it used in meditation, and how many times do you say an affirmation?

Answer: A mantra is a word, phrase or sound that’s repeated during meditation to help a person focus their mind, and take their attention away from the outer world or their extraneous thoughts. How long you say it varies from spiritual system to system.

Some state you should say it for as long as you’re meditating, some state you repeat it until your mind is calm and serene, open to the Universe. If you’re using an affirmation as a mantra, I’d recommend that you repeat it to yourself until you feel it resonate with truth within you.

If you’re saying an affirmation out loud, it’s recommended that you repeat it for at least 15 minutes a day. But while doing so, concentrate on its meaning and on feeling its truth. The feeling connects it to the subconscious.

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How do I use self-hypnosis to change a habit?

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Mar 192013

Question: How do I use self-hypnosis to change a habit?

Answer: Congratulations on wanting to change your life. Self-hypnosis can help you change a habit or quit something, but it takes dedication and commitment on your part.

For instance, I’ve had many smokers come to see me, saying “I really don’t want to quit. I want to want to quit.” In this case, they don’t have the commitment to stop smoking. They want a magic pill that will make it go away. Self-hypnosis makes the process of changing or quitting easier, it doesn’t make the choices for you.

Whatever it is that you want to change, you could decide what it is that you want instead of it. You could use an abstract, like greater self-respect or pride, or you could substitute something more concrete, like a carrot stick or green tea.

Once a day, in self-hypnosis, you imagine the desire for ‘whatever’ transferred to what you really want, and imagine yourself satisfied and delighted with the new substitute or abstract. Then, during your waking hours, whenever you think of the ‘whatever,’ you say to yourself, “No, I don’t do that anymore. Instead, I’m choosing ….”

The change won’t happen overnight, and you will have to dedicate yourself wholeheartedly to letting go of the habit or making the change, no matter what happens. And you may have to practice your self-hypnosis up to three times a day in the beginning.

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