Sparks of Insight

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Oct 212016

Sparks of Insight“I allow Universal knowledge to flow into my mind and heart. I release outmoded attitudes and negative beliefs. I commit myself to allow the Light of Spirit to flood into my being and lead me into a greater life.”

You are always being guided by the Universe. When you open your mind to it, you’ll hear that still, small voice. All it takes is your willingness. Don’t try to force it, however. That will close off the channel. But as you align yourself with Its qualities of love and harmony, you’ll reap the benefits in peace and abundance.

~ Linda-Ann Stewart

Book Review – “Creating Money: Attracting Abundance”

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Jul 062016

Creating Money: Attracting Abundance
by Sanaya Roman and Duane Packer

If you are wanting more abundance, success or to find your life’s work, this book will help you. Abundance, peace and joy is your natural state. By discovering any resistance within yourself, focusing on changing your beliefs, and using the exercises and affirmations in this book, you’ll begin to expand into the abundance that is inherently yours.

Almost every page has an affirmation that reinforces the subject of that section. Just about every chapter has a meditation or exercise that helps in self-discovery, drawing to you what you want, or expanding your concepts.

Beginning with the most basic concept that you are your abundance, it takes you through releasing any blocks to it, addresses the issue of trust and belief in yourself.

It’s one of the most comprehensive books on abundance that I’ve read. You learn that you can create anything that you want to. If you want more abundance in your life, then I highly recommend that you get this book for your personal library.

~ Linda-Ann Stewart

Are You Living In Want, Or Wanting More?

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Feb 172016

Sunset at Hopi Point at Grand CanyonWe all want more good in our lives. However, the word “want” has contradictory definitions. One definition means “lack,” while another means, “desire.” It’s two sides of the same coin. When we state that “I want more (whatever),” we’re actually telling the subconscious that we don’t have enough. By wanting more, we’re actually operating from a sense of lack.

Since we attract what we focus on, the subconscious will make sure we have more to want. Whether it’s more money, abundance, harmony, health, or ease, by our very wanting more, we’re actually focusing on the absence of it.

As we sink deeper into wanting more, we can sometimes have a feeling of longing for the goal, desperation, or trying to force the issue. Any attempt to use our will to control the outcome will simply bring more scarcity. Our emotion is what manifests, and feelings of lack, limitation, or scarcity, even when we think we’re focusing on abundance, creates the mold for less of it in the subconscious. That’s when we’re living in a state of want or lack.

However, a synonym of the concept “want” is “desire.” I’ve heard it said that “Desire brings pain.” That’s true if our peace and happiness depends on the fulfillment of our desire. If the only way we’ll allow ourselves to be content is if we’re driving a Rolls Royce, the CEO of a company, or perfectly healthy, then we’re restricting the joys of watching a sunset, finding satisfaction in the work we do, or gratitude for however much health we do have. Grasping at a desire, and expecting it to be the magic that will make us happy actually ensures that we’ll be frustrated.

One of my spiritual teachers claimed that a “desire” was an inspiration from the Universe that indicated that whatever we “desired” was available to us. When we have a desire, then we have the ability to fulfill it. The desire brings awareness to an area we want more good in and identifies what it is that needs to expand. As long as we stay in the enlightened state of realizing that all the good is already ours, we can allow the Universe, through our subconscious mind, to manifest what it is that we want.

I’ve also heard, “Just focus on God and all else will be added,” meaning that more good will manifest for us as we shift our attention to a Higher reality. By meditating on God and all Its blessings, the Universe shows up in our lives as more prosperity, health, harmony, etc. Contemplating the Infinite doesn’t just attract more good into our lives. The Universe is the very good that we experience.

However, when we have a challenge or discomfort, focusing on the aspect of God that we want helps us to raise our acceptance of it. I sometimes use the affirmation, “I’m experiencing more of God in my life in the form of (harmony, abundance, health, joy, ease, etc.)” Or “I’m choosing to create more ….” to address the specific form of the Universe that I want to draw to me. As we use affirmations, a light touch is necessary, as well as focusing on the current abundance in that area. This allows the Universe to expand in what’s already present.

The Universe is all good. Since I am an individualized expression of the Infinite, all the good I desire is already mine. I am grateful for the good that already exists in my life. I desire for there to be more abundance of good in the area of (your goal). I’m choosing to now create more of it. I experience more of the Universe in my life in the form of (your goal). I am now drawing to me all that I need for a more fulfilled life.

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Book Review-The Miracle of Mind Dynamics

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Feb 032016

The Miracle of Mind Dynamics: Use Your Subconscious Mind to Obtain Complete Control Over Your Destiny
Joseph Murphy

I am a fan of Joseph Murphy and his writings, and have reviewed a couple of his other books before. This one is full of Universal principals and wisdom for every aspect of life. Examining the subjects of health, life and death, luck and good fortune, prayer, and much more, he illustrates each one with an example in someone’s life.

He explains spiritual principles in very basic ways, so that every person who reads this can put them to use in their lives immediately. He touches on the metaphysical perspective of many familiar Biblical and spiritual ideas, such as karma and God’s will.

Although this book doesn’t have quite as many affirmations as some of his other books have, it gives specific instructions on how to use the power of the mind to improve one’s life. A mine of information on how the Universe works and our place in it, it’s a must-have for anyone who yearns to understand more about their relationship to Spirit and Its good.

~ Linda-Ann Stewart

Why hasn’t the affirmation “I win the lottery” worked?

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Oct 272015

Question MarkQuestion: Why has the affirmation, “I always win the lottery,” not worked for me?

Answer: There are a couple of things that happen with the mind and affirmations. First, you have to have the consciousness of what you’re affirming. That’s actually what the affirmation is for. To build your consciousness. By affirming that you “always win the lottery,” you’re setting up a situation that the subconscious couldn’t possibly fulfill. No one “always” does anything.

The other problem is that you’re telling the Universe how your wealth has to come to you. By doing so, you’re actually limiting the Universe. It’s not up to you to figure out how your prosperity will manifest. I’m not saying not to work, or do what you know to do to improve your finances, because the Universe can only do for us what It can do through us. Remember that it all comes from the Universe through the channels you create.

I would suggest that you affirm an amount that you actually feel comfortable with. Many people have a glass ceiling they’ve created for how much they can accept. As the amount you affirm gets to be more believable, and you see some change, then increase it. What you’re doing is building your consciousness to accept more. And don’t limit where it has to come from. Your subconscious and the Universe know much more than you do about how it can happen.

As long as you’re doing things in the physical world to create channels, your subconscious and the Universe will direct more prosperity your way. It may not come through the channels you’ve worked on. The only thing that’s important is that you’ve been moving in a direction to build your acceptance. Don’t worry about how it’s going to happen.

So, two things to do: Affirm an amount you want that you can believe in, and trust the Universe to bring it to you.

Copyright 2006, 2015 Linda Ann Stewart
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Book Review – Grow Rich While You Sleep

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Oct 082015

Grow Rich While you Sleep
by Ben Sweetland

This book is a classic. Although the title suggests that the book’s subject is only about getting rich while sleeping, the author covers a lot more territory than that. The beginning of the book does explain how to utilize the subconscious while going to sleep and sleeping. And if those were the only chapters read, it would be well worth it. He details various affirmations to use as one is going to sleep, to help program the subconscious. He explains exactly what to do and how to do it to contact the creative mind to get it to work on what it is you want.

But that’s only a small amount of information contained in this jewel. In very simple language, with lots of examples, the author explains how the creative mind works, and how we are “a mind with a body.” He gives an exercise to practice to become more positive, along with other exercises to improve one’s success consciousness. Along with affirmations, he gives specific directions on how to go about conditioning the mind for abundance.

Although this book was written almost forty years ago, and some of the details in the examples are outdated (such as what a good salary is), the basic information is timeless and extremely beneficial.

The book is out-of-print, but is available in Kindle format. You can download a Kindle Reading App for your PC, Mac and other devices.

Copyright 2012, 2015 Linda Ann Stewart
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Release Outdated Money Beliefs

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Feb 142014

The subject of money has so many myths and taboos. But money is simply a compensation for services or products rendered. If you have an issue with money, it’s probably about something else. Learn how to recognize and release limiting beliefs about this subject and attract more abundance.

~ Linda-Ann Stewart

Giving Is NOT Better Than Receiving

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Dec 262013

by Barb Wade

I love to give gifts, and give thanks, and give service to others – that’s one reason I love the holidays so much. But for those of us “givers” it’s sometimes a little more difficult to receive.

The ironic thing is that receiving is actually an innate “skill” that we all have when we are children. But at some point, we are told that it is selfish or wrong to enjoy receiving.

We hear, “It is better to give than receive” constantly. But that is an erroneous equation. Both giving and receiving are rich in their own gifts, and both are necessary to have a balanced life.

This is from a book called Soul Currency by Ernest Chu:

“Most of us, as we conduct our everyday lives, exhibit difficulty in receiving… We too often subordinate our needs to those of loved ones and friends. […] When the circulation of love is stopped by an inability to receive, then eventually we have little or nothing left to give.”

You must complete the “circuit,” as it were, in order for the most powerful flow to happen. It’s strange that we think of  giving being an act of humility, but I have often felt most humbled when I truly accepted someone’s love through receiving.

Just imagine how your finances and income is influenced by your inability to receive – if you can’t receive, money can’t flow to you!

One of the ways that we block ourselves from attracting abundance is by giving more attention to the lack of what we want rather than the fulfillment of what we want. Then, by the “like-attracts-like principle,” we recreate the lack of what we want.

And remember: we’re not just talking about receiving material objects and items. This is about our ability to open up to joy, love, well-being, abundance, and all the other things that are available to us.

Have you ever had someone complement you on what you are wearing and your reaction was “Oh this? It’s just a thing I threw on. I got it on sale…” etc, etc.

That is just one way of not receiving or deflecting love and affection. But you not only cheat yourself out of fully experiencing that love, but you short-change the giver’s experience of happily contributing.

So during this season of giving, isn’t it a good time to start practicing gracious receiving as well?

The next time someone gives you a complement, try this: smile, fully take it in, and simply say “thank you” – no deflecting or excuses, just put your focus on connecting with the other person and then notice how you feel.

You see, giving and receiving aren’t really opposites. They are part of an energy loop that is only truly effective if the circle continues and grows unbroken.

Business Coach & Mentor Barb Wade specializes in teaching entrepreneurs how to make more money more easily while enjoying a business and lifestyle that reflects their priorities. Download Barb’s “Word-for-Word Scripts To Overcome Objections” and book more high-paying clients now at

Business Is About Making Life Better

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Dec 192012

Business isn’t just about the bottom line and making money. It’s about making life better, for everyone: owners, investors, employees, customers and society at large. Business is about people, not inanimate objects. Unfortunately, the prevailing attitude is that everyone is there to serve the business instead of the way it should be, the business serving society.

The business community’s philosophy of considering everyone just a cog on a wheel, whose purpose is to provide them with more money, has cost them. In Northern Arizona, most service and retail businesses refuse to allow their employees federally required lunches or breaks. Because of that, and their cavalier treatment of employees, their staff has no loyalty to them. When a business isn’t loyal to its employees, the employees return the same level of loyalty.

Many businesses drive away their best employees, and don’t invest in them or support them which would let them serve better. The mindset of “bottom lining” is a short sighted idea. It means that business puts on blinders that keep them from seeing other opportunities.

A local restaurant that had good food was sold. The new owners bought cheaper ingredients and the quality and taste of the food suffered. As a result, sales declined and the restaurant closed its doors. When business focuses only on today, and doesn’t take a long view of their future, it constricts the ability of the business to grow.

Finally, businesses are beginning to recognize that the lack of value they provide affects their bottom line. In the article “We Need To Stop Maximizing Profit and Start Maximizing Value” at, the author addresses this issue.

Since the 1970’s, businesses have been focused on the bottom line. This has increased profits, but the quality of products and services and workers incomes have decreased. That means fewer consumer dollars are spent to grow business. It also means that the business isn’t investing in its own company.

“Maximizing profits” will eventually cause the house of cards to fall. More money is spent to train a revolving door of workers because there’s no reason for them to stick around.

Business needs to create more value for the community, and value its workers, for it to thrive. It’s in a business’ own interest to realize that business is not about products or making money. It’s about people and making life better.

Raffle Winner

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Aug 202012

This month, I went to the Arizona Chapter of the National Speaker’s Association Summer Soiree. I drove the 2 hours to Scottsdale, into 110 degree heat. Near the end of the party, an haboob (sandstorm) blew through. I stayed until a while after it had passed, because I didn’t want to drive into it on my way home.

It was fun to get to know some people I hadn’t had a chance to socialize with before, as well as visit with some of my friends. But the high point for me was that I won a raffle prize. They had three available, and one gentleman won the other two. Mine had three hours of coaching by three different coaches (an hour each), a gift card, and tickets to a museum. All of which I’ll gratefully use.

I’m beyond thrilled! I’ll be contacting the coaches, Les Taylor, Loretta Love Huff and Lorri Allen, soon to set up my sessions. It was so worth it for me to make the trip down and back, even with the haboob.