Sparks of Insight

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Mar 022017

Sparks of InsightYou aren’t here to live up to anyone else’s expectations, except your own. You are on your own path, to learn and grow. And you don’t owe it anyone to try to explain to them what you’re doing. They’re on their own path, and their experience does not have to be your experience. As happens with humans, they’ll view what you’re doing through the filter of their motives. They won’t be able to understand why you’re making different choices than they would. Let go of any need to convince them of your reasons. You aren’t responsible to make them accept your path. All you are responsible for is following it and being true to yourself. That’s all the Universe asks of you.

~ Linda-Ann Stewart

Trending Articles of the Week

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Dec 222016

Sun RaysThese 10 Questions Can Foretell If You’ll Be Successful In Life
Success isn’t limited to just what you’ve achieved in your professional life, but also having a work-life balance and how authentic you are. However, there are scientifically proven signs that will indicate whether or not you will truly be successful in however you define that in your life. As you work on these areas, you’ll be rewarded with a greater sense of well-being.

50 Ways to Open Your World to New Possibilities
If you feel stuck or wonder if this is all there is, you may have closed your eyes to the possibilities all around you. As long as you stay in your comfort zone, you’ll never experience anything but what you already have. You don’t need to decide to leave it all behind to have a more rewarding life. Small decisions can create large opportunities for joy.

Neuroscience Says Listening to This Song Reduces Anxiety by Up to 65 Percent
There are innumerable ways to reduce your stress, based on scientific research. This one adds to the rest, and can soothe your soul while it calms your nervous system. A neuroscientist has found 10 songs that measurably reduces stress and anxiety. This article not only lists them, but created a public list of them you can download.

~ Linda-Ann Stewart

Trending Articles of the Week

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May 122016

Step Through Woods5 timeless philosophy tips for a happy, successful life
The ancient Stoic philosophers are often dismissed as joyless and boring intellectuals. But the Stoics were very interested in the pursuit of things like happiness and success; they merely pursued them in different ways than most. With a few simple changes in perspective and behavior, the Stoics knew that it was possible to achieve a lasting form of personal happiness. Fortunately for us, their techniques remain highly relevant today as this video shows.

10 Uncomfortable Feelings that Indicate You are Taking the Correct Path
Change is not an easy process for anyone and may often bring on some uncomfortable feelings. Many people will take these feelings as a sign that they are doing something wrong and that they should take a step back and re-evaluate. But these uncomfortable feelings can indicate that you’re on the right path for you.

Overcoming Stereotypes in the Classroom through Values Affirmation
Unfortunately, there’s plenty of evidence suggesting that education might not be as equalizing as many would like. When people expect that they should have some flaw or difficulty, the expectation becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. But research has shown that there are subtle interventions that could combat deep-rooted stereotypes.

~ Linda-Ann Stewart

Trending Articles of the Week

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Sep 162015

Sunset Crater plant Another Education Neuromyth Debunked
There’s been a myth going around that during lectures, students’ brainwaves flatline. It’s based on a single student was being measured for stressors. This article explains the misconception, and hopefully prevent the myth from spreading.

Little Things Lead to Success At Work
It may be that our micro-behaviors, instead of our big decisions, that make the difference between success and disappointment. Habits and past reactions determine our micro-behaviors. This article suggests some ways to change them so that you are more successful.

Be Expectant & Give Birth To A Great Future
Life responds to your expectations. If you expect to succeed, the odds are in your favor. The same is true if you expect to fail. Learn some ways to build your expectancy for a better tomorrow.

Balancing Gratitude and Expectations

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Sep 152015

Many people believe that having no expectations is the road to happiness. But without them, we have nothing to motivate us to improve our lives. The answer is to balance expectations and gratitude. Learn why it’s important and how you can be grateful even if life doesn’t meet your expectations.

~ Linda-Ann Stewart

Asking For What You Want Moves You Forward

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Feb 172015

Most people are afraid of asking for what they want because they don’t want to be turned down. But then they waste time waiting and wondering if they’ll ever get it. Being clear and being specific in asking for what you want is the fastest way to get there. Learn why asking for what you want is so important.

~ Linda-Ann Stewart

Are Your Expectations Realistic?

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Dec 162014

by Linda-Ann Stewart

Many years ago, Julie came to me to use hypnotherapy for weight loss. As we talked about what she wanted, I discovered Step Through Woodsthat she had unrealistic expectations about what hypnosis could do for her. She didn’t want to reduce the amount or kind of food she ate, or exercise. Instead, she expected hypnosis to magically speed up her metabolism so she could continue to eat the way she always had and still lose weight.

She went on to explain that she just wanted to eat normal portions. When I asked what she considered those to be, she said, “What you get in a restaurant.” Since restaurants serve hearty portions that would put weight on almost anyone, it was unrealistic that she’d be able to reduce weight if she continued to eat that way.

Are your goals realistic or are they fantasies that could only have a one in ten million chance of coming true? For instance, are you hoping you can dig yourself out of debt by winning the lottery? It happens occasionally, but it’s highly unlikely to happen to you.

Or do you want to attract customers without doing any marketing? Marketing enables your product or service to be visible and lets customers know what you offer. If they don’t know about you, they can’t become customers and you never make sales.

Do you expect people to treat you with respect when you don’t treat yourself that way? Life tends to treat us the way we treat ourselves. When you don’t value yourself, then others are going to take that as a cue to take advantage of you.

Would you expect to play piano without training or rehearsal? Or be a basketball superstar without practice? Except in rare savant or genius instances, you need to cultivate a talent, skill or ability. It doesn’t happen in a week or a month, but over time.

When you have a goal, first you need to decide how realistic it is. If you don’t honestly believe it’s credible, then your subconscious mind will ignore it. Your inner mind follows the lead of your conscious mind. Unless you actually believe you can reach your goal, then your subconscious won’t waste its energy on it.

The next thing you need to do is to commit yourself to whatever it takes to accomplish your desire. This level of intention gets the attention and cooperation of your subconscious mind. It realizes that you wouldn’t be this focused if you didn’t mean it.

Then, break your goal down into small steps. Make sure each one is believable and achievable. Divide it into even smaller components if you don’t think a step can be easily accomplished.

If you’re a couch potato, it’s within reason to conceive of walking five minutes a day and then increase the amount a little bit each week. But if you’d decided to go from the couch to training for a marathon, that would be overwhelming and you’d probably give up.

In the last stage, you dedicate yourself to take a step each day that helps you move in the direction of your goal. Again, taking action convinces the subconscious that you really do want your desire. This helps to dissolve any inner conflicts you may have.

When Julie discovered that she’d have to change her behaviors to reach her goal of weight reduction, she decided not to continue with hypnotherapy. She wasn’t dedicated enough to achieve her goal.

As they say, “Rome wasn’t built in a day.” A building needs plans, a foundation, walls, roof, wiring, plumbing, and so forth. Without any of these, the structure is unlivable and may collapse. And, in general, plans need to be done in a specific order. The same is true of any change you want in your life. You’ll need to work on it, realistic brick by brick, until you have the structure you want.


I now assess my desire to realize whether it’s realistic or not. If it’s not, I establish reasonable goals that I know I can accomplish. When I can believe that I can achieve a goal, then I can put my whole being towards creating it. Blocks and barriers fall as I take small steps each day towards my goal. The whole Universe supports me with everything I need to attain my goal as I commit myself to it.

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All Rights Reserved

Nov 042014

Question: Why hasn’t my situation changed after my repeating affirmations for five weeks?Sunset Crater, Flagstaff AZ

Answer: From my own experience, when you’re making significant changes, it may take the subconscious some time to do so. At one point in my life, I remember it took about four months of daily affirmations before I saw results, but the results were staggering. You have to continue affirmations even after you start to lose faith, because the follow through also impresses the subconscious.

Also, you need to let the subconscious mind do its work. If your conscious mind keeps asking “when, how?” it draws energy from the subconscious. I know it’s hard not to wonder (believe me, I know), but that’s one of the most important parts of it, and I think, the hardest.

Realize that even  though you aren’t seeing results, the affirmations are working. They’re just making changes in the hidden recesses of your mind, and waiting until you let go of the “when, how?” When you’re able to release the concern about it, knowing that they’re working and will show results, then the subconscious can put all its energy into making the changes.

Any doubt or fear will give the subconscious mixed messages. They tell the subconscious you don’t really want your affirmation, because your focus is on the doubt or fear. Remember, the subconscious manifests what you’re focusing on – whether it’s positive or negative – it doesn’t care. It can only go where you direct it.

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Brian Tracy – 7 Steps to a Positive Personality

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Oct 092014

In this video, bestselling author and speaker Brian Tracy describes how to develop a positive attitude. A positive personality will have more effect on your success and happiness than anything else. Although the video text asserts it will help you double your sales, his instructions apply to success in every aspect of life. He describes the ways to build yourself up and fill yourself with constructive ideas. Following these steps will attract success and create happiness in your life.

~ Linda-Ann Stewart

How long does it take to release outdated beliefs?

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Nov 052013

Question: How long does it take for the subconscious mind to release outdated beliefs?

Answer: I could be facetious and honest if I said “It takes as long as it takes.” But that wouldn’t be very helpful. Actually, there are a lot of factors that go into how long it takes. How badly do you want to make the change? Do you keep your mind focused on the change, knowing that it’s possible? Do you flood your mind with affirmations and statements of the change? Do you take actions that ground the change?

For example, if it would be for smoking, do you cut down, change the places you smoke, etc? For self-esteem, do you treat yourself well, do things that build your feelings of self-worth?

The subconscious will only release its old patterns when it realizes that you don’t need or want them anymore. Your conscious mind must convince your subconscious through the conscious mind’s focus and commitment. And the length of time it takes is in direct proportion to the amount of energy you use for the change. It could be overnight, or it could take years of small changes in that direction.

However, in general, any idea, thought, or belief that your conscious mind stays completely focused on for a month becomes a part of you by becoming part of your subconscious belief patterns.

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