Apr 212017

10 Hard Things You Need To Do For Success (While Many People Are Unaware)
Becoming a success means that you have a steep learning curve. Most people have to fail and learn from their mistakes before they are able to make progress. This article gives some insights and life skills that will help you get there quicker.

Flagstaff Aspen Rainbow10 Nasty Habits You Must Eliminate From Your Daily Routine
Bad habits keep you from being more productive, achieving your goals or reaching your potential. They can be everything from complaining to multitasking. This article addresses 10 of the worst, and then suggests ways to remedy them.

Hack your brain to remember almost anything
A recent study states that anyone can train their brain using the same tricks as the world’s top Memory Champions. This also reshapes the brain’s networks in the process. Learn the training technique to improve your memory quickly.

~ Linda-Ann Stewart

Mar 142017

Your self-image affects everything about you and your life. The way you perceive yourself filters how you view and respond to the world. It’s built of beliefs, and beliefs can be changed. Watch and listen to this short meditation that will help you start to shift how you think about yourself so that it’s more positive.

Your self-image is how you perceive yourself to be. And it affects your decisions, actions, attitudes and relationships. Your self-image is the filter for who you think you are and how you respond to situations around you. It’s a self-fulfilling prophecy that you make true. But you can also change it because it’s build of beliefs. And beliefs can be changed. Here’s a short meditation to get you started.

If you want, close your eyes. Take a deep breath, let it out, and relax.

Consider what is right about you. Think of the things you’ve done that have been right and good. Reflect on what’s good, valuable and worthwhile about you. Contemplate what you like about yourself – your appearance, talents, characteristics. People view you as a good person. Think of all the compliments you’ve ever been given. Accept them. Allow yourself to feel the warmth of their glow. Now, consider the person you want to be. What do you need to believe to be that person? What if you start believing it now? What would change? You can start making those changes right now. How would that feel?

Open your eyes. When your negative self-talk starts to bring you down, shift your attention to what’s positive about you. This will help to improve your self-image and will make massive changes in your world.

Read the article, 3 Steps to Improving Your Self-Image, that inspired this meditation.

As a speaker, hypnotherapist, and vision coach, Linda-Ann Stewart helps business and professional women who feel stuck, immobilized and overwhelmed to create their vision, prioritize, and focus so they increase their productivity, prosperity and peace of mind. If you'd like some help to reach your goals, email her at LAS@Linda-AnnStewart.com with "Complimentary Consultation" in the subject line.
Mar 022017

Sparks of InsightYou aren’t here to live up to anyone else’s expectations, except your own. You are on your own path, to learn and grow. And you don’t owe it anyone to try to explain to them what you’re doing. They’re on their own path, and their experience does not have to be your experience. As happens with humans, they’ll view what you’re doing through the filter of their motives. They won’t be able to understand why you’re making different choices than they would. Let go of any need to convince them of your reasons. You aren’t responsible to make them accept your path. All you are responsible for is following it and being true to yourself. That’s all the Universe asks of you.

~ Linda-Ann Stewart


Trending Articles of the Week

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Dec 222016

Sun RaysThese 10 Questions Can Foretell If You’ll Be Successful In Life
Success isn’t limited to just what you’ve achieved in your professional life, but also having a work-life balance and how authentic you are. However, there are scientifically proven signs that will indicate whether or not you will truly be successful in however you define that in your life. As you work on these areas, you’ll be rewarded with a greater sense of well-being.

50 Ways to Open Your World to New Possibilities
If you feel stuck or wonder if this is all there is, you may have closed your eyes to the possibilities all around you. As long as you stay in your comfort zone, you’ll never experience anything but what you already have. You don’t need to decide to leave it all behind to have a more rewarding life. Small decisions can create large opportunities for joy.

Neuroscience Says Listening to This Song Reduces Anxiety by Up to 65 Percent
There are innumerable ways to reduce your stress, based on scientific research. This one adds to the rest, and can soothe your soul while it calms your nervous system. A neuroscientist has found 10 songs that measurably reduces stress and anxiety. This article not only lists them, but created a public list of them you can download.

~ Linda-Ann Stewart


Sparks of Insight

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Sep 092016

Sparks of Insight“I honor myself. I recognize when someone tries to manipulate me, and take appropriate actions to take care of my well being. My welfare is as important as anyone else’s.”

You were made by the same Creator as everyone else, therefore you are as important as anyone else on the earth. Your needs, opinions, and desires are also as important. If others try to influence you by demeaning you, they aren’t interested in whether it harms your well being. They’re interested in their own agenda. You have the right to say, “No,” and to refuse to comply. By taking care of yourself, you signal to yourself and others that you are worthy of the best Life can offer.

~ Linda-Ann Stewart

As a speaker, hypnotherapist, and vision coach, Linda-Ann Stewart helps business and professional women who feel stuck, immobilized and overwhelmed to create their vision, prioritize, and focus so they increase their productivity, prosperity and peace of mind. If you'd like some help to reach your goals, email her at LAS@Linda-AnnStewart.com with "Complimentary Consultation" in the subject line.

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May 272016

Flagstaff ArboretumThe Toxic Attraction Between an Empath and a Narcissist
This is written from the viewpoint of an empath. She contends that a narcissist is a wounded soul who takes and an empaths is a healer who gives. It’s a match made in hell. The empath needs to wake up and realize the destructive nature of the narcissist. This article gives some guidance to empaths on how to detach and heal from this kind of encounter.

How to Start a New Habit
When you start a new habit, but don’t carry it through, it’s tempting to beat up on yourself. But that’s counter-productive. Instead, ask yourself some questions to find what works for you.

The Science of Happiness: Why complaining is literally killing you.
Neuroscience has proved that the brain is malleable, that your thoughts shape how it responds to situations. It shifts with every thought. This article explains how your brain chooses between two opposing thoughts and feelings, having been molded from your previous thoughts. It also suggests a practice to train your brain to trigger more positive and optimistic ideas.


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Aug 132015

Flagstaff Aspen RainbowHow to Train Your Brain to Stay Positive
All too often, we beat ourselves up for our failures or let ourselves dwell on the negative. By focusing on the positive, we’re more motivated, productive, and likely to succeed. Here are three tips to help you train your brain to stay positive.

Research: Meditation does more than calm your mind, it changes your brain
Practicing yoga and meditation can do more than calm your mind — research shows it can change your brain. Researchers found it changes parts of the brain connected to learning, memory, focus and the stress response.

Why Hiding Your True Self Feels So Terrible
Finding ways to be true to yourself — whatever that means to you — may be something more than a meaningless self-help cliché. Most people feel tainted when they behave in ways that feel false and feel good when they act in authentic ways. To our minds, authenticity may be a moral imperative.

Jun 252014

by Linda-Ann Stewart

When I was young, I was given the message that I had to sacrifice those parts of me that made others uncomfortable. If I was talented, and it made another envious, I was supposed to hide my talent, otherwise I was accused of being “selfish.” At one point, I felt bad for making good grades because I somehow thought I was taking a good grade away from someone else. Many people are like me and have been told they were being selfish, when they were only being true to themselves.

In many cases, the definition of “selfish” has been perverted. If you say “no” to participating in an activity that would overextend you, you might be called “selfish” because it inconveniences the person who asks you. You can always consider your needs against what other people want from you, then decide the most appropriate action to take.

True selfishness is when you disregard the welfare of others. It doesn’t mean that you must ignore your own welfare to please someone else. But the term may have been twisted to become a club to manipulate you.

There is such a thing as healthy selfishness. That’s when you concern yourself with your well being. You’re not taking anything from anyone else, you’re just attending to your needs. Remember that everyone else has the same Universal power that you do to manifest what they want. They don’t need to take what is yours, whether it’s time or resources, to achieve their goal. Nor do you need anything of anyone else’s.

This isn’t a carte blanche to ignore the needs of others. But be aware that some people will have their own agenda when they put their desires ahead of your basic needs. You have a right to your needs and to express the Spirit within you. One of life’s lessons is to learn to honor yourself first.


I honor myself. I recognize when someone tries to manipulate me, and take appropriate actions to take care of my well being. Everyone has the same connection to Universal power that I do, and can take care of their own needs. I have a right to be here. My welfare is as important as anyone else’s.


Finding Your Life’s Purpose

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Mar 182014

Everyone has a life purpose, though they may not know what it is. Many people are confused about their purpose and look in the wrong places for it. Discover how you can express your life purpose right where you are, and 3 ideas to discover what it is.

~ Linda-Ann Stewart


Commit To A Path, Part 1

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May 282013

by Linda-Ann Stewart

Some years ago, Sally and Terri discussed partnering to present a workshop. Initially, Terri was excited and they started the preliminary planning. As Sally began putting ideas together, Terri stopped returning her calls. Sally moved forward on the project, thinking that Terri had just gotten busy.

But as time went on, and details needed to be finalized, it became imperative for Sally to connect with Terri. Eventually, Terri called and said, “I don’t think I’m the right person for this. I kept putting off letting you know because I didn’t want to let you down.” All the time and work Sally had put into the project was for nothing, simply because Terri wouldn’t let Sally know she’d changed her mind.

Because Terri hadn’t wanted to disappoint Sally, she hadn’t been honest with her. If she’d let Sally know when she’d first come to that conclusion, it would have saved Sally hours of work and frustration. Instead of disappointing her, Terri would have freed her to look for another partner. But the delay undermined/scuttled the entire project.

Have you ever know someone to do this? They agreed to help, participate, or volunteer, but then changed their mind? Then they disappeared because they didn’t want to let the coordinator down. By being unavailable, they hoped that the planner would get the message that they didn’t want to do it. They didn’t want to look like a bad guy by making the break and hoped the coordinator would move on to someone else. They acted this way because they didn’t want to deal with the coordinator’s disappointment.

The reality was that their actions weren’t making it easier on the coordinator, but harder. They held the coordinator hostage, not letting them move on to find someone else or make other plans. They avoided confronting the issue because they didn’t want to deal with the guilt of not living up to their agreement and the discomfort of communicating this to the coordinator.

Do you ever do this, to yourself or others? Have you ever said “Yes” to doing something, but didn’t really want to do it? And then you avoided communicating your true decision? Have you ever wanted to end a relationship, and rather than making a clean break, tried leaving clues? Unfortunately, if you did, the other person just ended up confused and frustrated.

This lack of communications makes life difficult for the other person and for you. The result isn’t that the problem magically disappears, but that the other person is confused. And you wind up looking like the bad guy. People will stop asking you to be involved in projects, not because you lack the ability, but because they no longer trust you.

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