Vision Secrets to Accelerate Your Success Teleclass

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Aug 022017

RainbowyClouds-yikrp55aT-smTo be successful, entrepreneurs and small business owners need clarity, a vision, and the mindset to support it all. Linda-Ann Stewart uses her experience as a hypnotherapist to explain how important each of these elements is to have a successful life and business and how missing them will cause you to fail.

In this free teleclass, you’ll learn how a lack of vision, mindset or clarity can negatively affect all aspects of their life. Through exercises, you’ll identify what’s been holding you back and learn how to overcome problems, so you can leap forward toward success.

You’ll discover:
What drives your actions
Symptoms and problems associated with the lack of vision, mindset and clarity
Why each is so important and what they do for you
Tips on how to improve your chances of success

This free teleclass will be delivered Thursday, August 10th at 1pm Pacific Daylight Time (1pm PDT, 2pm MDT, 3pm CDT, 4pm EDT). A replay will be available for a limited time. To register, and for more information, visit Vision Secrets to Accelerate Your Success.

Reimagine Your Life

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Apr 152015

Sunset at Hopi Point at Grand CanyonThis is a website powered by AARP that can help you recreate your life. Once you decide on the changes you want to make, it says it will send you emails for up to 7 days get going and help you stay on track. There are a lot of other articles and resources also available on the site.

On the home page, click on the “menu” tab on the upper left. A sidebar will open, and click on “How it works” down on the 2nd half of it. There are a lot of programs, and best of all, many of them are free.

If you’re ready to make changes in your life, and want some help, check out Life Reimagined.

~ Linda-Ann Stewart

Mind Over Appetite

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Apr 162014

Your mind and beliefs can alter your life and your body. In a recent study, they can also change the body’s release of ghreline. This hormone, released by the gut, signals the brain that it’s time for food. In other words, you feel hungry. When you feel satiated and satisfied, the hormone level drops.

This new research indicates that if you believe you’ve had a high calorie meal, even if it’s a low calorie meal, the hormone level drops as if you’d actually had a high calorie meal. In other words, it’s mind over appetite. Your thoughts can help you change the way you respond to food.

Your mindset affects every part of your life. Now there’s even more evidence that they can affect your physiology. Be aware of what you’re thinking when you’re eating. It may show up on your hips (or not).

Inspired by: Mind Over Milkshake: How Your Thoughts Fool Your Stomach

~ Linda-Ann Stewart

New iPhone App for Depression

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Apr 092014

Jessica Tanner, a nursing student, contacted me about an app she created for iPhone that will be released on April 15, 2014. It caught my attention, because I’ve had friends and clients with this debilitating disorder. Jessica has been an intern at a psychiatric hospital for patients with depression and bipolar disorder, and has learned a thing or two about this problem.

The iPhone App, called “REACH OUT – Fight Depression and Anxiety”, helps people with depression and anxiety disorders. It gives them some tools, such as cognitive therapy, meditation and anxiety reducing strategies, and allows them to always have these tools close by, whenever they need them.

These are tools and processes I heartily endorse and know they have a significant impact on this problem. I’ve used them in my hypnotherapy and coaching practice to help my clients. To have such tools in the palm of your hand, so to speak, is incredibly powerful.

The app also has audio: recorded guided meditation in mindfulness, breathing meditation, grounding meditation and chakra meditation, which has proven to be an excellent stress reduction technique. These are techniques I’ve used in my practice, as well, with great success.

Plus the helps them to focus and not let their many thoughts control them. For people that suffer from
anxiety attacks, there will be some strategies, a 6-step process, on how to reduce it no matter where they are.

The app will cost be be for sale at the Apple App Store for $.99 on April 15th. You can read more about it at Reach Out App. There’s also a 7 minute motivational video on the home page for those suffering from this issue. And on her About Me page, there’s a link to an MP3 recording for depression.

I do not reap any benefits from posting this, except to share a potentially valuable resource for those with depression and anxiety. Nor can I endorse it or guarantee it. However, if you experience these disorders, I think it would be well worth your time to investigate this inexpensive app for yourself.

~ Linda-Ann Stewart

Mar 292014

Les Taylor

On Wednesday, March 26, 2014, Dr. Cheryl Kasdorf hosted the NSA-Arizona’s Sedona/Verde Valley Speaker’s Forum. I helped organize this event, which was modeled on the monthly NSA-Arizona Living Room Forum. Ed Hammond, chairman of the Living Room Forum committee drove up from the Valley to show his support.

The Living Room Forums are more intimate gatherings than the monthly Saturday meetings. Held in a private residence or business, the Forum features industry experts who can talk about a topic at greater depth.

Les TaylorAt the Sedona/Verde Valley Speaker’s Forum, Les Taylor helped participants develop new skills with “Speaking to Promote Your Business for the Non-Speaking Pro.” He explained that sales and marketing is about effective communication. And he went into detail about the basic components of a presentation to be put together for an audience.

He said that,”Nothing happens in business until a sale is made,” and went on to describe the sales skills needed to make that sale. Les reminded us that, “It’s all about them, the prospect.”

The participants at the Forum learned valuable concepts that they can turn into techniques that will allow them to be better presenters to both audiences and prospects.

Les Taylor, Ed Hammond, Linda-Ann Stewart

Lengthen Your Life By Healing Your Chromosomes

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May 022013

More and more studies are showing that meditation and mindfulness may actually increase your longevity. They’ve found that meditation can increase the length of your telomeres. These are like shoelace caps at the end of your chromosomes and protect them. As you age, the telomeres shorten. They’re considered to be a clock, showing the age of your chromosomes.

Many studies show a correlation between shorter telomeres and chronic diseases, such as heart disease, diabetes, cancer, dementia, and others. Stress can cause your telomeres to shorten quickly.

The good news is that telomeres can lengthen as well as shorten. Reducing stress, exercise, eating healthy, and meditation can increase their length. A recent study showed that loving-kindness mindfulness meditation could alter the length of telomeres.

You have control of your longevity and your health. By taking actions that are healthy for you, you can improve your quality of life.

Inspired by this study: Loving-kindess practice may improve longevity.

~ Linda-Ann Stewart

Better Living through Mindfulness – Univ. of Utah News

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Apr 032013

March 07, 2013 – A new study from the University of Utah shows that individuals who describe themselves as being more mindful have more stable emotions and perceive themselves to have better control over their mood and behavior throughout the day. Higher mindful people also describe less cognitive and physiological activation before bedtime, suggesting that greater emotional stability during the day might even translate into better sleep. The study results will be presented later this month at the annual meeting of the American Psychosomatic Society.

Read the rest of the article at U Study Connects Traits of Mindfulness to Emotional Well-Being.

So Far, A Good Year

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Apr 022013

It’s been a good year so far. Recently, I wrote an article about empowerment for the Association Executives of North Carolina. I was amazed and excited when it was accepted and immediately published in the March/April issue of their magazine, Success By Association. The article is entitled, “Empowering The Possibility Of Change,” and is in their “Leadership Strategy” column.

This happened shortly after having two articles published in the 2013 Winter issue of Ad Infinitum – Illinois Court Reporters Association newsletter. I’d connected with an Executive Assistant with an Association Management Company. We’d discussed the possibility of my speaking for one of the associations she manages. In our communication, I mentioned that my articles are available to be published in print or online magazines and newsletters. Within a few months, she let me know that not one, but two of my articles had been published.

I’m thrilled with the way this year is trending. New doors are opening and opportunities are appearing. I trust that the tendency continues to open greater avenues of success for us all.

~ Linda-Ann Stewart






What You Say About Others Is A Reflection Of You

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Apr 012013

by Linda-Ann Stewart

When you talk about another person, you reveal more about yourself than you do about the person you’re discussing. You reveal your biases and the things that bother you. Many times, what you complain about is more a factor of your filters and how you perceive what they’ve said or done, than it is an objective observation.

I know insecure people who consider self-assured people as self-important and arrogant. No evidence to the contrary will shake them from their opinion.

Research shows that when one coworker rates another one, you learn as much or more about the rater as you do about the rated. Negative people tend to rate others as negative, and the same goes with positive people.

You tend to filter your opinions of others through your own filters, and how you view yourself. It’s been said that what we see in others is actually a reflection of who we are. This research, published in the July 2010 issue of Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, tends to confirm that.

Read more about this study at What you say about others says a lot about you, research shows.

Business Is About Making Life Better

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Dec 192012

Business isn’t just about the bottom line and making money. It’s about making life better, for everyone: owners, investors, employees, customers and society at large. Business is about people, not inanimate objects. Unfortunately, the prevailing attitude is that everyone is there to serve the business instead of the way it should be, the business serving society.

The business community’s philosophy of considering everyone just a cog on a wheel, whose purpose is to provide them with more money, has cost them. In Northern Arizona, most service and retail businesses refuse to allow their employees federally required lunches or breaks. Because of that, and their cavalier treatment of employees, their staff has no loyalty to them. When a business isn’t loyal to its employees, the employees return the same level of loyalty.

Many businesses drive away their best employees, and don’t invest in them or support them which would let them serve better. The mindset of “bottom lining” is a short sighted idea. It means that business puts on blinders that keep them from seeing other opportunities.

A local restaurant that had good food was sold. The new owners bought cheaper ingredients and the quality and taste of the food suffered. As a result, sales declined and the restaurant closed its doors. When business focuses only on today, and doesn’t take a long view of their future, it constricts the ability of the business to grow.

Finally, businesses are beginning to recognize that the lack of value they provide affects their bottom line. In the article “We Need To Stop Maximizing Profit and Start Maximizing Value” at, the author addresses this issue.

Since the 1970’s, businesses have been focused on the bottom line. This has increased profits, but the quality of products and services and workers incomes have decreased. That means fewer consumer dollars are spent to grow business. It also means that the business isn’t investing in its own company.

“Maximizing profits” will eventually cause the house of cards to fall. More money is spent to train a revolving door of workers because there’s no reason for them to stick around.

Business needs to create more value for the community, and value its workers, for it to thrive. It’s in a business’ own interest to realize that business is not about products or making money. It’s about people and making life better.