Affirmation Results in a Week?

Affirmation Results in a Week?

Question about affirmations

Question: Will I see results within a week if I look in the mirror and loudly say affirmations about confidence?

Answer: Looking in the mirror and loudly stating an affirmation about confidence will begin to reprogram your subconscious mind. Using your voice, with a lot of emotion behind it, is very effective to impress your subconscious. The more you can say it, just like when you learned to read, the more it re-conditions the subconscious. To make your subconscious accept it quicker, you’ll need to use the affirmation any time during the day that you feel your confidence sagging.

I don’t know if you would see a significant result within a week, but I imagine that you’d notice a subtle improvement in that time. This is an issue you’ve had for a while, and it won’t change overnight. You’ll have to keep at it for permanent progress.

To determine what affirmation to use, you’d need to discover where and under what circumstances you feel a lack of confidence. Is it in social situations, at work, or with specific people? And then you’d need to create an affirmation that would address that issue. To develop them, you could read books or go to websites devoted to confidence building.

~ Linda-Ann Stewart

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