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Trending Articles of the Week


Seven Ways to Feel More in Control of Your Life
Most of us are bombarded for demands for our attention and feel overwhelmed. We bounce from situation to situation, hoping we’re making the best decision. But we don’t take the time to think things through. When you take control over what you place your attention on, you’re able to reduce the mental noise. You reduce your stress, become more effective and are happier.

Finding Your Worth in a Sea of Negative Self-Beliefs
A positive self-image is important to being effective in your life and achieving your goals. Negative views of yourself can unconsciously cause you to act in self-sabotaging ways. But you can break out of those negative patterns and improve your sense of self and well being. Here are 4 ways to improve your self-worth and change your life.

The Truth Behind “You Create Your Own Reality”
Although the Law of Attraction has gained popularity in recent years, most people don’t realize that it’s not just about manifesting “stuff.” It’s more about empowerment and realizing that you choose your thoughts and your actions, which results in your experience. This article goes into a deeper examination of the idea of co-creation and how we can more fully participate in it.

~ Linda-Ann Stewart

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