Trending Articles of the Week

Trending Articles of the Week

GC-RimTrail-sm-0923A Practical Guide To Reframing Your Thoughts And Making Yourself Happier
We’re always worrying, thinking of negative scenarios, but most of those disasters never occur. But they affect us and keep us disturbed, and reduce our enjoyment of life. Learn some techniques to stop that destructive cycle and put yourself in a healthier, happier frame of mind.

Why Introverts Are Introverts? Because Their Brains Are Different
If you prefer quiet over loud, a single companion over a group, or to stay home reading rather than go to a party, you’re probably an introvert. Research has discovered a major difference in the brains of introverts and extroverts that make them the way they are. Learn about these brain changes so you can understand why you’re the way you are.

A Harvard Psychologist Says This Should Be The First Thing You Do Every Morning
Instead of heading towards the coffee pot first thing in the morning, Amy Cuddy, a Harvard researcher, suggests you stretch. And not just any stretching. She says you should stretch in a specific way that helps build your confidence. This article also includes a her TEDTalk on how body language shapes who you are.

~ Linda-Ann Stewart

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