Aug 262016

Sparks of InsightEveryone has the same access to Universal Spirit and Energy as you do. You don’t have to sacrifice yourself, your needs or welfare to help them. They don’t need to take what is yours, whether it’s time or resources, to achieve their goal. Nor do you need anything of anyone else’s. So if someone comes to you and wants your help, and says you’re their only hope, remember that there are millions of people in the world available to help. If you don’t help them, they’ll find someone else. And if helping them penalizes you, it’s not going to help either of you. One of life’s lessons is to learn to honor yourself first.

~ Linda-Ann Stewart

As a vision strategist, hypnotherapist, and speaker, Linda-Ann Stewart helps women entrepreneurs and small business owners who feel stuck, immobilized and overwhelmed to to get clear, focused and on the fast track to the next level of their business. To achieve a 90-day goal more easily, sign up for her FREE comprehensive Strategic Vision blueprint at You can contact her at or 928-600-0452.


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