Aug 242016

Sunset at Hopi Point at Grand CanyonStopping ‘Should’ Shaming — Ending the Self-Imposed Guilt Game
Unless you are already aware of the damage it causes, you probably say “should” at least a few times a day. When you say this word, it indicates that you aren’t doing what you would benefit from, or you’re not committed to a decision. This brings on guilt and self-reproach, which don’t help the situation. Here are 3 steps to take to stop “shoulding” on yourself and feeling better.

Science Says Silence Is Much More Important To Our Brains Than We Think
Research is finding that silence can actually help your brain in many different ways. It can grow more brain cells and improve your memory and learning. Silence helps your brain to process and integrate information. Of course, it also relieves stress and tension. Read this article to find other ways that silence helps your brain.

10 Must Watch Ted Talks on Positive Emotions
Barbara Fredrickson, the developer of Broaden and Build Theory, introduced the idea that the more positive emotions we experience sends us into an upward spiral where happiness and well being dwell. Her research into the dynamics and benefits of positive emotions focuses primarily on the 10 most common positive emotions. This article focuses on TED talks which offer some insight into these different positive emotions.

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