Why does it take so long to change?

Why does it take so long to change?

Question MarkQuestion: Why does it take so long to make a change?

Answer: Consider how long you’ve been doing what you’re doing, or how long you’ve been thinking that way. Realize you’re probably getting some benefits or perks from continuing the old pattern. Although you want to change, how much time and effort are you putting into thinking about it, and/or doing something about it?

Change doesn’t just happen. Even sudden, seemingly unexpected improvements have had a foundation created for them. It’s like turning a car around in a restricted area. You have to “back and fill” to be able to go in the opposite direction, or else the car will get stuck.

You’ve been on a path going one direction, and now you want to change it. It takes time, energy, and attention to convince your subconscious that the new route safe and attractive. The more of each of these you provide, the faster the change will be.

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