Am I sabotaging myself?

Am I sabotaging myself?

Question MarkQuestion: When I change my goals as one of my desires manifests, am I sabotaging myself or giving the Universe conflicting messages?

Answer: Most people have the dilemma you do. As you manifest your desires, your desires expand and change. That is the way of the Universe, to learn to accept more of it into your life. When you reach the top of one hill, you then see much more of the horizon.

However, if one day you say, “I’d like to have a Mercedes” and visualize that, and the next day say “I’d like a Land Rover” and visualize that, you’re giving conflicting messages to your subconscious mind. It won’t know what you want, therefore will give you your most dominant idea, which may be a Ford Escort.

This is why so many teachers tell us to write down our desires. That way, we can keep them straight, and stay focused on what we’ve written, rather than meandering all over the place. We give our subconscious a clear vision, and the subconscious will return it fulfilled.

For years, I didn’t believe that I needed to write down my desires, figuring that I had them in my head. Some came to pass, the ones I was the clearest on, and stayed true to. When I did begin to write them down, I found how often I’d change them, then change back. No wonder my desires didn’t manifest very often. I was giving my mind confusing information.

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