Trending Articles of the Week

Trending Articles of the Week

Grand Canyon-Lipan PointPerfecting The Art Of Failure: Harnessing Its Unlimited Potential
Everyone fails at some time. The point is to use that failure to improve your next attempt. Learn how to mine what you can from failure so that you can use it to better succeed in life.

3 Simple Ways to Defuse Conflict and Regain Love
Whether you’re talking to a partner, child, boss, coworker, or client, it’s important to know how to handle the disagreement in a way that restores love, trust and respect, instead of eroding it further. The next time someone in your life is angry with you, here are 3 methods you can use to defuse their anger, regain your rapport, and create a mutually beneficial solution!

Can You Create Good Habits That Stick?
Research shows that 40% of your day is based on habits. Learn the neurological formula to make it easier to program your brain for your desired behaviors.

~ Linda-Ann Stewart

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