Sep 022015

Flagstaff Aspen Rainbow9 Scientifically-Backed Ways To Stop Worrying
Numerous studies show that worry strains our mental and physical health. If you’re a chronic worrier, try some of these techniques to stop the cycle.

Science of stress: how neuroscience can help teachers switch off this summer
Don’t let worries about the upcoming school year ruin your break. Instead, take the time off to develop a positive mindset by setting yourself achievable goals. Although this article is targeted for teachers, it’s for anyone who deals with stress.

‘Angst, anxiety, misery’: For some, meditation has a seldom-discussed dark side
Meditation, for all its de-stressing and self-development potential, can take you deeper into the darkest recesses of your own mind than you may have wished for. Researchers and therapists need to know both the benefits and the risks of meditation for different kinds of people. This is an important article for those who are serious about meditation.

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