Why does an affirmation stop working after a day or so?

Why does an affirmation stop working after a day or so?

Hand holding seedlingQuestion: Why is it that an affirmation works for the first day or two, then stops working?

Answer: Remember that an affirmation only works on your consciousness, that’s what it’s changing. What is different in the way you use it in the first couple of days and the way you use it after that? Many times, when using an affirmation, it will be effective when a person is not putting pressure on it to perform.

I know that may not seem to make sense. But when a person tries to force the outcome, or has the attitude of “Okay, where is the result,” the conscious mind has taken control and is trying to force the issue. In that case, the subconscious doesn’t have the energy to fulfill its mission. The conscious mind is using it all.

A good analogy would be to imagine cupping your hand to hold water in it. If your hand is more relaxed and open, it will be able to hold the water. While if you place your hand in the water, but try to grab it by making a fist, the water will escape. When using an affirmation, you have to use it gently, and know that even when it doesn’t seem to be working, it is working on changing your consciousness.

I think letting go of control one of the most difficult things to learn in mind power. We have to trust the subconscious to manifest the subject of the affirmation, and our left-brained, western society is directly opposed to that. We’re taught to try to control the outcome by thinking constantly about it. That doesn’t work. Whenever you think of the issue, just remind yourself that your subconscious is handling it.

And remember that you’re training yourself. Just like learning a new sport, it’s going to take practice to get it right. And you won’t hit a perfect 100% all the time. Even the best basketball player doesn’t get the ball in the basket every time, but by practicing more, they do sink the basket a significant number of times.

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