Trending Articles of the Week

Trending Articles of the Week

Flagstaff Aspen Rainbow15 Lies Your Subconscious Brain is Secretly Telling You to Prevent Your Wildest Dreams
Your subconscious has been programmed by thoughts and ideas you’ve accepted over the years. Unfortunately, much of what you believe is a lie. This article identifies 15 of those ideas and provides ways to upgrade, reframe and improve those ideas so that they support you and your endeavors.

Your Perception Is Your Reality
Marketers, magicians and the people in your life make you see things the way they want you to. Unless you’re aware of your perception or way you look at things, someone is going to be able to hijack it and use it to their advantage. This articles explains why you need to be aware of your perception, and how you can change it and change your life.

Scientific Proof that Positivity can Alter Reality
The writer of this article used to be a cynic and devoted to her negative thinking. Then she discovered that it didn’t serve her. She describes a scientific experiment of what happens when positive and negative thoughts are directed at a beaker of rice.

~ Linda-Ann Stewart

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