Trending Articles of the Week

Trending Articles of the Week

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The Tree Of Contemplative Practices
This is a great infographic that illustrates the different meditative and mindfulness practices. It includes practices that are quiet, creative, active, relational and more, showing all the ways mindfulness affects our lives. They also offer a blank tree to download so you can create your own tree.

Mind over mucus?
For 30 years, Carnegie-Mellon University researchers have given subjects common colds to test how psychological factors affect the susceptibility of their immune systems. The most recent study found a simple social support action actually helps boost the immune system and reduce stress.

Exercise, music and meditation: How to rebuild your brain after a stroke
After suffering a devastating stroke, psychologist David Roland managed to repair his damaged brain. Here he reveals how he did it rebuilt his brain. This article gives hope to other sufferers of this destructive disease.

~ Linda-Ann Stewart

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