Trending Articles of the Week

Trending Articles of the Week

Flagstaff Aspen RainbowMindfully create better health in a variety of ways
This covers 4 ways to improve your health: mentally, spiritually, with better habits and responses. All of these are under your control and can contribute to making your life healthier and happier.

Got mindfulness? Simple steps to improving your mindful positivity
Meditation and mindfulness are proven techniques to improve your quality of life. But are you pushed for time and just can’t fit meditation into your day? Most of us are. Here are some tips on how to include mindfulness in your day without spending more than a couple of minutes.

Thrive | Creating happiness in a box
Thrive Box was designed by a local volunteer group using neuroscience and positive psychology. They say this little box of practices, if used properly, will make anyone happier.
Local volunteers design “happiness experiences,” including a box of practices designed to make anyone happier. Interesting product that contains various items to push happiness buttons.

~ Linda-Ann Stewart

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