Feb 112015

Question: What’s the difference between a goal and a vision?Vision Sign

Answer: A goal is time limited. Once it’s accomplished, it’s done. Hopefully, you then move on to the next one. A vision is unlimited and has a broader scope. A goal is one task or achievement. It helps to build the vision as a step along the way. A vision gives focus to your goals, stringing them together so they move you in a specific direction.

A person can have a goal, but no vision of how it fits into their life. Once the goal is completed, they may backslide or hit a brick wall. The vision has to do with the reason or purpose you’re reaching the goal. It’s the motivating factor for working on the goal.

As a vision, it’s the long range view of how you ultimately want your life or business to be. Your vision is your inspiration for creating and achieving the goals that take you there.

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