Does working on a goal interfere with affirming it?

Does working on a goal interfere with affirming it?

Question: When affirming the fulfillment of a goal, such as finding a job, doesn’t it interfere with the process of the Road to Successsubconscious to keep seeking it, such as networking, looking at ads, etc.?

Answer: This is a very good question. As a person is learning about how the subconscious works, it’s sometimes difficult to know just what to do. The object is to focus on your goal, such as finding the perfect job, but not to concern yourself as to which one or how you’ll find it.

Then you go about the action necessary to find a job. This sends forth energy into the world and lets your subconscious know that you’re serious about finding one. You may not locate your job from any of the avenues you’ve pursued, but the subconscious has been working behind the scenes, and you may bump into someone, or have someone contact you.

By thinking on this over and over, and keeping your mind focused on the goal, and working towards it, this helps the subconscious know what you want and that you truly want it. And by not trying to figure out “how” it will happen, this keeps you out of the subconscious mind’s way.

So many times, a person might say “I want a new job,” but do nothing to that end. The subconscious then figures that is just a fleeting wish. The dominant idea that a person has is what will manifest. In this case, the person might wish for a new job, but not want to put out any effort to find one. The dominant idea is to take the easy way out and stay where they are.

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