Dec 242014

Question: Do I need to translate affirmations from English into my native language for my subconscious mind to understand them?

Answer: I understand your concern about the subconscious understanding affirmations in a foreign language, but there shouldn’t be any problem with it doing so. The language of the subconscious is imagery, and your ability to understand English is also in the subconscious (as is everything else you’ve ever learned). If you didn’t understand English, then there would be a problem.

In my private hypnotherapy practice, I’ve worked with many people who have English as their second language. I generally give the suggestion (to everyone), that “Your subconscious mind hears and understands everything I say.”  Their subconscious mind translates what I’ve said into information that they understand. If you find yourself putting too much effort into comprehending the affirmation, then you might want to translate it. Or just state, “My subconscious understands every word of this affirmation.”

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