May 272014
Linda-Ann Stewart handing out worksheets

Linda-Ann Stewart

I had a speaking engagement in the Phoenix area on Wednesday, May 21st. I got everything prepared on Tuesday, then checked the road conditions. That’s when I found that the main artery from Northern Arizona (where I live) to Phoenix was closed due to a fire by the freeway. I thought I might have to drive 1-2 hours out of my way to get to the venue the next morning. Fortunately, the freeway opened by 7pm Tuesday evening.

Wednesday morning, I met the amazing, powerful women of WREN, Women’s Resource Educational Network, in Gilbert. A friend from NSA-Arizona, Fran Lowell, had joined me, and we had a wonderful time getting to know these women. I felt welcome and at home with them. We stayed for an hour afterwards to talk with one of them. Another woman showed up and we spoke briefly with her, as well.

Fran Lowell & Linda-Ann Stewart

Fran Lowell and Linda-Ann Stewart

Cindy Webb and Linda-Ann Stewart

Cindy Webb and Linda-Ann Stewart

WREN is a different kind of networking group. Instead of each person pushing their agenda of “This is who I am…,”  this chapter of WREN was created by Cindy Webb to let women get to know each other and also to give back to the community. People channel business to those they know, like and trust. Being able to learn all about the person you might refer to builds trust. To me, this is the model networking groups should follow.

~ Linda-Ann Stewart

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  1. Thank you so much for the kind words! We do have a great group of women. Thank you again for coming to our meeting and sharing your wisdom with us.

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