Mind Over Appetite

Mind Over Appetite

Your mind and beliefs can alter your life and your body. In a recent study, they can also change the body’s release of ghreline. This hormone, released by the gut, signals the brain that it’s time for food. In other words, you feel hungry. When you feel satiated and satisfied, the hormone level drops.

This new research indicates that if you believe you’ve had a high calorie meal, even if it’s a low calorie meal, the hormone level drops as if you’d actually had a high calorie meal. In other words, it’s mind over appetite. Your thoughts can help you change the way you respond to food.

Your mindset affects every part of your life. Now there’s even more evidence that they can affect your physiology. Be aware of what you’re thinking when you’re eating. It may show up on your hips (or not).

Inspired by: Mind Over Milkshake: How Your Thoughts Fool Your Stomach

~ Linda-Ann Stewart

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