Using self-hypnosis to eliminate specific thoughts

Using self-hypnosis to eliminate specific thoughts

Question: How do I use self-hypnosis to eliminate specific negative thoughts?

Answer: A person is always hypnotizing themselves with various beliefs and thoughts. For instance, “I’m a klutz” will be a self-fulfilling prophecy. Self-hypnosis helps to re-focus the attention onto something that you want.

To eliminate specific negative thoughts, I’d suggest that every time you have that particular thought, say ‘stop’ and imagine a stop sign, then substitute a pleasant thought or positive idea.

Practicing this in self-hypnosis will begin to make the changes, then reinforcing it during the day every time you have those thoughts will help to change them.

Hypnosis isn’t magic, but it can make positive changes fairly quickly, if you’re truly committed and persistent in following through.

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