Giving Is NOT Better Than Receiving

Giving Is NOT Better Than Receiving

by Barb Wade

I love to give gifts, and give thanks, and give service to others – that’s one reason I love the holidays so much. But for those of us “givers” it’s sometimes a little more difficult to receive.

The ironic thing is that receiving is actually an innate “skill” that we all have when we are children. But at some point, we are told that it is selfish or wrong to enjoy receiving.

We hear, “It is better to give than receive” constantly. But that is an erroneous equation. Both giving and receiving are rich in their own gifts, and both are necessary to have a balanced life.

This is from a book called Soul Currency by Ernest Chu:

“Most of us, as we conduct our everyday lives, exhibit difficulty in receiving… We too often subordinate our needs to those of loved ones and friends. […] When the circulation of love is stopped by an inability to receive, then eventually we have little or nothing left to give.”

You must complete the “circuit,” as it were, in order for the most powerful flow to happen. It’s strange that we think of  giving being an act of humility, but I have often felt most humbled when I truly accepted someone’s love through receiving.

Just imagine how your finances and income is influenced by your inability to receive – if you can’t receive, money can’t flow to you!

One of the ways that we block ourselves from attracting abundance is by giving more attention to the lack of what we want rather than the fulfillment of what we want. Then, by the “like-attracts-like principle,” we recreate the lack of what we want.

And remember: we’re not just talking about receiving material objects and items. This is about our ability to open up to joy, love, well-being, abundance, and all the other things that are available to us.

Have you ever had someone complement you on what you are wearing and your reaction was “Oh this? It’s just a thing I threw on. I got it on sale…” etc, etc.

That is just one way of not receiving or deflecting love and affection. But you not only cheat yourself out of fully experiencing that love, but you short-change the giver’s experience of happily contributing.

So during this season of giving, isn’t it a good time to start practicing gracious receiving as well?

The next time someone gives you a complement, try this: smile, fully take it in, and simply say “thank you” – no deflecting or excuses, just put your focus on connecting with the other person and then notice how you feel.

You see, giving and receiving aren’t really opposites. They are part of an energy loop that is only truly effective if the circle continues and grows unbroken.

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