Book Review – Tapestry of Healing

Book Review – Tapestry of Healing

tapestryofhealing“Tapestry of Healing: Where Reiki and Medicine Intertwine”
by Jeri Mills, M.D.

This is a wonderful exploration of a physician’s discovery of Reiki. It’s her personal story of her life and how she began using this ancient healing technique in her practice. She’s not only a physician, but a veterinarian, and used Reiki on her human patients and animals.

She describes her journey as she learns this healing art and then what happens as she begins to share it with her patients and colleagues. Some were more open to it than others.

The last half of the book is all about energy medicine, Reiki and how to use it. She explains some of the pitfalls and when you should let things be. This aligns with my own experience as a hypnotherapist. You can’t heal everyone.

For the Reiki practitioner, there are a lot of tips about how to use the energy from her own experiences. And for those who aren’t practitioners, she explains what energy healing is and how it’s used.

This book is for the person new to the idea of Reiki, as well as for practitioners of the ancient art. It contains valuable insights to guide any healer. It was a joy to read and I value its addition to my library.

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