Divide goal to smaller steps?

Divide goal to smaller steps?

Question: Is it better to divide what we want to achieve (our goal) into small, easier to achieve steps in order to get faster results?

Answer: Many times it is easier to break up a goal into smaller steps, mainly so that your conscious mind can believe that they’re accessible. For instance, if you want more income, use a believable amount as your initial goal. That way you can feel successful as you accomplish it, and then set another goal of a little bit more. Or to release weight, set small increments of two, five, or ten pounds as your steps.

Sometimes, a person tries to break it up in such small steps that they’re micromanaging how it has to come about. In that case, it’s not a good idea for the smaller steps. For example, if some wanted a new apartment, they might state they wanted a certain amount of space (this is fine), for a certain amount of rent (this is fine, too), in a certain apartment building (not fine), on a certain floor (not fine).

Or someone might want a relationship. They could state the characteristics they wanted in their partner (this is good), how they would relate (good), and choose a certain person as their desired mate (not good).

In achieving a goal, your job is to decide what you want, break it into small steps that your conscious mind can believe and that your subconscious can accomplish without being overwhelmed. Then take any actions you know to take to bring it about. With you in motion, it’s up to your subconscious mind to find the way to manifest your goal.

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