Grand Canyon Reverie

Grand Canyon Reverie

Jeff and I recently visited the Grand Canyon again. It’s been a year since we’ve been there and I’ve missed it.

As you approach the rim, the vista looks like a backdrop.I remember a ride at Disneyland where you rode through a mock-up of the Grand Canyon. They did an amazing job, because the Canyon is so massive that it looks like that ride.

Every minute, the light changes, and the scenery is different. The whole Canyon alters from morning to afternoon to evening and sunset. It doesn’t seem real that it’s a mile down to the river. This photo of Jeff taking a photo on the Rim Trail shows that if you slide off, it’s a long way down.

Spending time at the Canyon is food for the soul. It shows that you’re a part of something greater. Every time I visit, I come away feeling replenished.

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