Filling the Well of Your Mind, Part 2

Filling the Well of Your Mind, Part 2

by Linda-Ann Stewart

Healers, service providers, entrepreneurs or anyone who gives of themselves will get depleted if they don’t take time for self-care and replenishment. That’s why conferences and retreats are so important. Not only do they offer people new tools, but symposiums help attendees remember why they do their business, rededicate to their vision and get excited again. They’re able to network with people of like mind and get re-energized.

Those who get so busy that they can’t slow down will soon exhaust their stores of motivation. This is when burnout occurs. They drain their reserves and eventually have to stop and restock. It’s similar to a muscle that’s been over-exercised and over-exerted. That muscle will get weak and need to be rested before using it again.

The same principle applies to your mental state and optimism. If you don’t keep feeding your mind with positive ideas, you’ll soon consume your reserves. That’s why you need to always read uplifting books, watch motivating videos, and listen to inspirational audios. They continually pour enriching ideas into your mind, sparking more upbeat perspectives. Meditation or mindfulness will also get you back in contact with your enthusiasm and creativity.

Here are some suggestions to stay motivated if you have a particular goal you’re striving for:

  • Find articles about the benefits of that goal, like I did for my walking program, and read them daily.
  • Read inspiring stories about how other people have achieved the same goal you’re seeking.
  • Keep a daily journal about how you’re doing, what you’ve accomplished, and how you feel about it.
  • Write down why you’re doing it for yourself, and look at it daily.
  • Find someone who can encourage you and keep you on track.

By following these simple steps, you’ll notice you’re able to stay on track and accomplish your goal. You have to keep “filling the well” of your resources to keep your mindset positive and your passion alive. When you do, you’ll find a consistent source of energy you can use to achieve your dreams.


I realize that I need to keep myself motivated and inspired. Because I deserve to live my dreams, I commit to myself and make the effort to keep my attitude upbeat. I am Divinely guided to the right way of staying enthusiastic about my goal. When I nourish my inner self, I reap enormous benefits.

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