So Far, A Good Year

So Far, A Good Year

It’s been a good year so far. Recently, I wrote an article about empowerment for the Association Executives of North Carolina. I was amazed and excited when it was accepted and immediately published in the March/April issue of their magazine, Success By Association. The article is entitled, “Empowering The Possibility Of Change,” and is in their “Leadership Strategy” column.

This happened shortly after having two articles published in the 2013 Winter issue of Ad Infinitum – Illinois Court Reporters Association newsletter. I’d connected with an Executive Assistant with an Association Management Company. We’d discussed the possibility of my speaking for one of the associations she manages. In our communication, I mentioned that my articles are available to be published in print or online magazines and newsletters. Within a few months, she let me know that not one, but two of my articles had been published.

I’m thrilled with the way this year is trending. New doors are opening and opportunities are appearing. I trust that the tendency continues to open greater avenues of success for us all.

~ Linda-Ann Stewart






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