Arizona Renaissance Festival 2013

Arizona Renaissance Festival 2013

Jeff and I recently made our annual pilgrimage to the Arizona Renaissance Festival. This year, I’d developed a cold the previous week and successfully recovered enough for our weekend. The weather was lovely and, as usual, we had a wonderful time.

Jeff regularly wins awards for hitting the target with axes or stars. I just throw stars, and usually, I’m just thrilled when I get them to stick into the back board. But for the first time, I won an award for hitting the target with a star.

We attended some of our favorite entertainments and a new one. At Don Juan and Miguel’s show, when Don Juan used his whip to clip the pasta from Miguel’s mouth, some of it landed in my lap.

At the Fare-Thee-Well, where entertainers and attendees dance to the beat of drums, a couple of little girls grabbed my hand and started twirling with me. After they ran off, I danced until the cannon boomed and signaled the end of the day.

*Sigh.* Until next year.


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