How do I create a treasure map for a relationship?

How do I create a treasure map for a relationship?

Question: How would I go about creating a treasure map to attract a loving relationship with a mate?

Answer: I’d suggest you write down the attributes and characteristics you want, such as: honesty, integrity, treats me well, values me, respects me, a sense of humor that harmonizes with mine, etc. Think of the things you’ll want to do together, have similar interests, etc.

Then, when you have this list, start looking for pictures that evoke those feelings in you, that remind you of what you want, such as a couple strolling together, having dinner together, etc. Choose whether you want it on a posterboard, construction paper, or in a notebook. For love, it’s been suggested that you use a rosy-pink color for the background. Paste or tape the pictures on the paper or board. Scatter the words and phrases that you’ve listed around these pictures.

Somewhere prominently on the page, write an affirmation, such as: “Infinite Intelligence knows who the perfect partner for me is. I now attract the Divine Right partner into my life, someone who harmonizes with me.” You might include something about Divine Timing. Or write a statement that, to you, describes the manifestation. Look at your treasure map several times a day, and know that your creative mind is working on it. Don’t worry about ‘how’ it will happen, just follow any leads or opportunities.

For more information on making a treasure map, read Creating A Treasure Map To Achieve Your Desires.

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