Jan 162013

Question: Why have I been blocked from manifesting a change in my career?

Answer: If you’re having trouble manifesting your chosen career, I’d suggest examining what your beliefs about it are. You may feel that it’s going to be difficult to make it, you could have a core belief that you have to struggle, or you may have had a life where you tried to please people and fear their envy if you’re successful. Begin by meditating on what you feel is blocking it. You can also affirm that “The truth of this situation is now revealed to me.”

In manifesting what you want, you need to let your subconscious mind know what you want, and trust that it will manifest it in due time. You can affirm that you may not know what to do next, but your subconscious mind knows and now brings to you whatever you need. Follow any leads, any ideas that might come to you. Realize that the result may not come directly from what actions you take, but the actions are creating a ripple effect, and the fulfillment may come from an unknown direction.

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